NOTD: Accessorize ‘Mermaid’ Shade 39 Nail Polish


A super quick NOTD today because I’m a little tired! As you all know I had a lot of fun checking out the new Accessorize make up range, and these nail polishes are amongst the favourites of mine from the whole range. I’ve already shown you the ‘Electric Blue’ shade, but now it’s the turn of this gorgeous shimmering turquoise shade, aptly named ‘Mermaid’. Isn’t it just stunning, and I thought it couldn’t get any better than the last colour I’ve tried! To prevent me from waffling, here’s some photos. Apologies a) for the awful, disgusting anaemia short nails and b) the overall picture quality due to lighting issues:




Gorgeous isn’t?! I just wish it came across in photos like it does in real life. I can’t believe these are only £3 as the quality is surprisingly very, very good.

Have any of you tried the Accessorize nail polishes yet? I’d love to know what you think : ).



  1. I need to see these polishes in real life - they look so gorgeous and so cheap!
    Beautiful x

  2. this is so pretty!! i am loving blue nail polish at the mo.

  3. @ Cheeky Beauty- yes to everything you said, so you must get some! Have you not seen any in your local Superdrug yet? I know not every branch will be doing them. xoxo

    @ Caroline- me too! I keep eyeing up all these pretty blues :). xoxo


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