Love Russian Dolls, Love Accessorize!

One of my little obsessions is something you probably already know either just by reading the title of this post, or being a long time follower: Russian Dolls! There’s something about them which I find just so enchanting and beautiful. I have always collected Russian Doll things since I was very little, but there’s now one shop which pretty much makes everything Russian Doll I could desire, and that’s Accessorize. Over the past year I’ve fallen in love with this shop even more, and I’d rate it now to be one of my top 5 favourite high street stops.

Check out some of the lovely Russian Doll goodies lately from my beloved Accessorize, you may recognise a few of these from previous posts!







So gorgeous, aren’t they? So I’d love to tell me your little obsession now, or if not obsession, then something you love to collect? I’d love to hear :).



  1. I love Russian dolls, I'd love a charm bracelet with Russian dolls.

  2. What a lovely post. I used to have some Russian Dolls too, those ones that open up and have mini ones inside. Not sure what happened to it mind x

  3. @ Vintage Dreams- in the middle of the bits of jewellery bits I have taken a photo of there is a Russian Doll esque charm like bracelet, so that might be worth checking out!

    @ Lauren Loves- thank you lovely! Oooh yes I have tons of these too. It's great they've become fashionable fashion accessories now :).


  4. Your items are so cute. I think Russian Dolls are so sweet.
    Someone I know loves them too, and had a painting done with 4 Russian dolls next to eachother, 1 big, 1medium, 1 small & 1 tiny, and they had the faces of her husband, herself, her little daughte. & their cat.
    Just so funny & cute :-)

  5. I love them too! I was in there today and may have bought a few things :P Also loving the jewelery in Topshop at the moment :) xo

  6. I love Russian dolls too and have even made myself a Russian Doll phone cover. I may have to look in Accessorize for some other things.

  7. The bracelet with the Russian doll charms is very pretty!
    Hmmmm...I don't think I collect anything in particular other than the usual girly things: makeup, shoes, clothes LOL

  8. love these pieces, accessorize do so many cute quirky things. i'm the same but with owls, i have owls on everything! xo

  9. @ Cheeky Beauty- awww that sounds so cute! I'd love to have a Russian Doll painting!

    @ beautyandthebeast- oooh Topshop jewellery eh? You shouldn't have told me that, I'll be off there tomorrow and can't resist their stuff at the best of times, haha.

    @ Helen1980- aww wow I bet that's so cute! I'd love to see, do you have a photo? You'd love Accessorize's stuff too I think, although handmade wins :).

    @ Karen- you're probably sensible! I like collecting various things as well as the usual girly things, ekk! ;).

    @ Jennie Masters- Oh owls, my other obsession! I also have a ton of owl stuff. I think we are on the same level here ;).



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