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In case you lovely people haven’t noticed, I love Accessorize…kind of too much really! When someone asks how I would sum my style up in a shop, I always say Accessorize. I’ve talked lately about my love for their Russian Doll products, but now I’m super amazingly excited, and why? Because finally they have created a beauty line which is now being sold at both Superdrug, and directly from their website. My two loves are now combined, although I have been patiently waiting to see the collection in person, as I really do love to play with make up products before I purchase; low or high end!

So off I trotted to my local Superdrug to check out what beauties they had in store, and wow, what beauties they are! The display they had, had the great advantage of being still gorgeously new and unspoilt, and really showed off the wonderful array of products that they’ve created. I was totally captivated by all the stunning colours, and I have to admit, stayed at the counter for rather a while before picking out these little gems:


I could literally have got everything, but I finally decided on two nail polishes, an eye crayon and blush. Like I said, there’s a gazillion more amazing products to be tried, but at the present moment, I have too many lip products and eyeshadows!

Nail Polishes

Definitely my favourite purchases, and Accessorize’s nail polish colour choice will overwhelm you, it’s amazing! I settled on these two absolutely stunning glitters, called ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘Mermaid’. I always knew the first would be a guaranteed want as I had seen it on someone else’s blog…and as soon as I find out who, you will be linked!




Such a shame the weather has been so atrocious lately because in real life these are absolutely stunning. Both are far more vivid and so glittery you simply cannot imagine! I’m currently wearing ‘Electric Blue’ (NOTD to follow!) and I love it so much. I can imagine these to be huge sellers! I’ll talk in more detail about them in NOTDs though.





As far as I could tell from other blogger’s review of this range, the blushers are set to be the must-haves, and they weren’t wrong! Firstly the packaging is gorgeous, and so Accessorize, and for only £5 they are ridiculously pigmented. Oh and no dear beauty friends, I’ve not accidently put up a photo of a MAC MSF blush, this is really by Accessorize! But what an amazing dupe, right? Called ‘Merged Blushers’, and I guess that’s because they have different veins of colour blended through, this shade ‘Starlet’ is the perfect pinky-pink. There was another, possibly called ‘Pretty Pink’ (but don’t quote me!) that looked exactly like MAC’s LE ‘Moon River’, and would make a beautiful highlight. These are an absolute must-have though. Get one!

Jumbo Eye-Crayon





Finally the jumbo eye crayons and I’ve got to be honest, I got this one on a bit of a whim! Mainly because I adore sparkly things (who doesn’t?) and it’s called ‘Fairy Dust’, so kind of a given that this would be mine! Having said that, I do like this, but it’s not a necessity I would say you have to own, unless you like Fairy Dust! It’s simply a glittery gold iridescent glitter stick which you can apply to eyes, cheeks, lips etc. A little lumpy perhaps if you wanted to use a lot of it, but very, very pretty nonetheless. Oh and again, the packaging is so kitsch and Accessorize, so you can love it for that alone!

So there is my rather unnecessarily long review type post, although as I haven’t properly tried everything yet, I’m hesitant to call it a review. Having said that, loving what I’ve tried so far! And really impressed at the prices. But have you tried anything from the Accessorize range? Or are you skipping this one?



  1. When I saw the blusher I immediately thought of MAC.
    The nail polishes certainly interest me, I'll have to see if my local Superdrugs (there's 3) stock them. The prices seem very good too.

  2. i have that blusher too, it's so nice. i got a few nail polishes and a mascara too, there's a review type post on my blog if you fancy a look?

  3. I love the packaging for the eye crayon! No where near me stocks any of this, apart from an Accessorize where I managed to get the Aztec polish which is an AMAZING green/purple duo, supposedly the same as MAC Mean and Green. Anyway, I want the damn blushes!

  4. I'm hoping to pick up some of the polishes on Saturday!

    As you know, I don't need ANY new polishes for at least a year so I'm not sure if this is a good thing...


  5. I haven't found these in any stores yet, I'm in lust though so I've got to track them down! I especially love the look of the nail polishes.

  6. i had no idea Accessorize did a make up range, i so have to go check these out, the blush looks super quality and for the price it's a steal!! xx


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