The Cutest Way To Tell The Time…


Prepared to hear something a little unusual and shocking…I don’t like wearing watches! Never have and never will. If it wasn’t for my phone I don’t know where I’d be, but I can never find a watch that matches my style and that doesn’t annoy me! But what about those situations where you really do need a watch? Well this is what happens to me at work, where I find myself constantly needing to know the time. So what did I settle with? The above cutie!

I found the perfect balance was a necklace and a watch all rolled into one, and isn’t this owl design the cutest? These fashion clocks are everywhere right now, and this is absolutely perfect for me.

You can get this darling little necklace from New Look for £4.99. Unfortunately I can’t find it on their website but I’m sure you’d find it in their local store. Want to see something a little random and weird though? Well, if you click here and go down the page you’ll see the exact same owl necklace, but in silver and from Forever21. Isn’t that a bit weird?! Do New Look and Forever21 use the same supplier for some things, even though they’re not even in the same country? Discuss, as I find this strange! haha.

But back on topic, what way do you prefer to tell the time? What’s your favourite watch, and what brand would you recommend? Or like me, do you just stick to necklaces and phones to tell the time?



  1. Love it, and love your nails :)

    I too hate watches - I have a watch pendant that I also bought from New Look last year.

  2. I have this necklace too, I love it! Such a bargain aswell :) xx

  3. Eeek! Owl! I love it, deffo going to go and check that out :)

  4. I've just written about my love for owls in my last post, so obviously I love this necklace. What a bargain too.
    I constantly need to know the time. I'm lost without a watch. My unusual thing is I'm right handed, but wear my watch on my right hand. Supposedly if you're right handed you should wear your watch on your left hand. A watch feels weird on my left hand.
    I wouldn't be surprised if many clothing stores use the same suppliers, especially if the suppliers are from abroad.

  5. I'm not fond of wearing watches either. I usually just rely on my mobile to check the time! This owl is so cute. Must definitely check it out :) X

  6. WOW. this is such a cute watch pendant. :) I am a new follower

    Hope you drop by my blog too

  7. omg that is soooo cute!!! I dont like wearing watches either, and luckily i work on a computer so dont have to struggle to know the time lol!


  8. That is so cute! I always use my phone for the time :) I hardly ever wear watches! xoxo

  9. oh such a cute necklace! Sometimes I forget to put on my watch and I can't find my phone in my purse.. I feel lost! This necklace would be a must for those times :P

  10. Ooo i love it!! I'm the same i really don't like wearing watches i haven't found one that suits me xx

  11. @ Laura- why thank you sweet! Glad you hate watches too, we're so in tune :).

    @ Tor- definitely! And so unbelievably cute :).

    @ Rebecca- Yes do! So sweet :).

    @ Vintage Dreams- oooh no I couldn't be doing with a watch on my left hand either! Love that you love Owls too, you have good taste :). Yes I guess you're right and that they use same suppliers, now Forever21 is in the UK, they need to be a bit more careful!

    @ Princess Livia- same as me! My phone is my watch! haha.

    @ Sara.H- Hello! Thank you for following :).

    @ Stacey- yes working with computers is good for this alone! :).

    @ Katie- yes definitely the same for me! :).

    @ Marisa- these were my exact thoughts! Definitely think about getting one, and they're really inexpensive!

    @ Hayley- this is my problem, so this is perfect for me :).



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