REVIEW: Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

IMG_9084A little while ago now I was contacted by the lovely people at Liz Earle as to whether I wanted to try out some of their products. Lately I have had a few skincare and hair care companies contact me, but there was one ickle issue with their products: they all contained SLS. Yes, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Now, as some of you know before my laptop packed in, I was on a mission to do away with this aggressive foamer from my beauty regime. The wonderful thing about Liz Earle? They don’t like this ingredient either, and as well as that, their ethical and natural ingredients are just the sort of products I’m trying to only use from now on.

But this change to a SLS free life is one fraught with difficulties. You see, everything contains SLS, everything. The only drugstore brand to not contain SLS is Naked, but unfortunately, and I’m yet to review this yet, but I will just simply say now that it didn’t work for me. I absolutely adore the conditioner, but for some reason the shampoo didn’t wash out of my hair and so I had greasy locks. Ugh.

I wondered if I would ever find a good SLS shampoo. But then this came into my life, and I am so grateful. I have finally found an SLS free shampoo that washes out and that my hair adores. So if you cannot be bothered to read on anymore then there is my view in a snapshot. But if you want to read on to see what it’s done for my hair then please read on!

Botanical Shine Shampoo- for all hair types

What Liz Earle says…

With West African shea butter, natural source vitamin E, shine-boosting apple and orange extracts plus naturally derived cleansers, our shampoo gently cleans without stripping to leave hair soft, shiny and smooth. Contains no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

What’s special and quite unique about this hair care range is that this shampoo has been designed for every hair type imaginable, and is thus the only one in the range. It’s designed to be used by all the family and therefore suitable for all. I don’t know whether if I put it in my bathroom whether all my family would use it, but I can definitely see the appeal if you are a family that shares your beauty products! The second very special element to this shampoo is that it took 6 years to develop. Now, that’s a long time. But it took this long because the very thorough people at Liz Earle wanted to find the most perfect alternative to shampoos and conditioners that are laden with SLS and silicone.

Now like I’ve said, I have tried SLS free shampoos and haven’t got on with any, and if I’m honest, I was expecting to hate this. I cautiously used it and to my utter surprise it foamed up beautifully and most importantly washed out with such ease, and what’s more, you need such a little that it seems to me very economical. This is the best SLS shampoo I have ever used, and my hair felt silky soft and clean, just like any good shampoo should do. I am honestly in love.

Botanical Shine Conditioner- for dry/damaged hair

Liz Earle says…

Specially formulated with West African shea butter, yangu oil, blue seakale and shine-boosting apple and orange extracts, our ultra-rich colour safe conditioner leaves dry or damaged hair hydrated, under control, soft and smooth.

Now Liz Earle accepts that you do need more than one type of conditioner so you can take your pick from: dry/damaged hair, oily hair or normal hair. As my hair is long and prone to dryness, I picked the one for dry and damaged hair. Now when it comes to finding a natural conditioner to work for my hair, I don’t find that many problems. In fact, even though the Naked shampoo didn’t work for me, the conditioner was absolutely wonderful, and made my hair feel silky soft. This had exactly the same effect, and this is thankfully because my hair adores natural conditioners that are full of nourishing butters that it soaks up.

But the only downside to many with natural conditioners is that they are heavy. If you’ve used one before you’ll know what I mean. But in general, silicone conditioners slip down the hair very easily, whereas natural conditioners take more energy to work into the hair, and generally, less is more.  This doesn’t really bother me though.

But if you’re not convinced yet to make a jump to natural hair care, then here are some before and afters. And it goes without saying that they are completely 100% natural and untouched!




In the before there’s nothing really wrong with my hair, but I hope you can see that in the after photos the hair looks much more glossy, manageable and shiny. And I have not even styled it in the after ones, I’ve simply dried it roughly with a hairdryer!

Overall, I’m absolutely in love with how soft, glossy and manageable this has made my hair, and it’s SLS free, hooray! I will honestly not be without this now, and even though I was sent this, once I run out I will be buying some ASAP! The only criticism would be that I do find that with natural hair care, you need to wash your hair more often as it tends to get greasy quicker than non-natural hair care. I wash my hair every 2 days, but if you like to leave it a while between washes, you may feel the urge to wash it more. But otherwise, I honestly can’t fault these little beauties! Let me know if you’ve tried Liz Earle, or any other natural hair care ranges and how they worked for you.

The Botanical Shine Shampoo is £7.50 for 200ml and can be purchased here, and the conditioner is also £7.50 for 200ml and can be purchased here.



  1. I really need this in my life!!! Looks great! xx

  2. @ TheBristolBeautyBlog- you really do! Natural is the only way to go! :D


  3. I tried a sample of this and really like it! Your hair looks lovely and smooth - I definitely think I'm going to buy a full size set! xx

  4. Great review, I'm currently using an Akin SLS free shampoo, which I really like, but I've read so many positive reviews for this range that I'm definitely going to give it a go when the Akin one runs out x

  5. @ Nicola- it feels smooth! It's nice because it kind of makes me not want to style it much once I've washed it, it behaves itself for me. Definitely give it a go!

    @ *Peonies and lilies*- I think you'd love it sweety! It is really fantastic, and I wasn't a fan of SLS free shampoos before this. Wasn't expecting to love it at all, apart from the conditioner, but I super pleasantly surprised.



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