REVIEW: Lauren Conrad ‘Style’ Book

When you hear the name Lauren Conrad- what do you think of? The Hills, Sun drenched California, Teen Vogue, friendships dramas? Maybe some of those, maybe all of those.  To me I think of fashion. But fashion as in fashionable; but fashionable enough to teach style? Well, it’s my belief that it’s impossible to teach style, you just can’t do it. Sure, you can pick up a few stylish tips and tricks along the way, but true style is something you’re born with. And tips and tricks is just what Lauren Conrad’s new book is all about. Some reviews have branded the book as ‘fake’, like the reality shows she rose to fame with, as they feel it is in fact Lauren’s people who are behind it. Do I believe this? Yes and no. I mean some chapters are written with the aid of someone within the industry, such as Amy, her make up artist, but this is essentially not a book telling you how to have style, as that is anyway a matter of personal taste, but instead it guides you through Lauren’s style journey.

The book is broken up into: Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing style, not that I was expecting it to be bad at all, as I’ve always though of Lauren as a smart and articulate girl, but it’s written in a ‘I’m going to be your friend through the duration of the book, come take this journey with me’ sort of way which is really endearing. Here’s a little look at some close ups:
The only bit that surprised me was the layout of the book. It surprised me because to me it wasn’t ‘interactive’ enough if that makes sense…? Like, the photos can be quite sparse, and they all to me look like they’ve just done them all in one shoot! Also, you get some pages with no photos whatsoever and as someone who is very much into her fashion books, I would have liked a different layout! For the majority though, I think this minimalist design will be more pleasing.

So overall I really enjoyed this book. Did I learn anything new about style? Not really. Did I learn anything about Lauren’s style? Absolutely. And I think that’s the point. I picked up on how she organises her style and how she has evolved, and so the fun of that is really nice to read about. Further, for those in need of some advice in this regard, Conrad’s journey could be a real confidence booster to some girls.

So if you love Lauren Conrad, then you’ll adore this, it even describes the process to getting those elusive Lauren esque waves that is coveted by so many! But if you want a real fashion book then maybe stick to Vogue’s Style Guide and the rest. Personally though I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

RRP £14.99 but I got it for only £7.99 at Waterstones. Amazon are also selling it for this price. I’d love to know what you think of Lauren Conrad, her book or anything else Lauren related!



  1. I've ordered this yesterday can't wait for it to get here - LC is just so beautiful, inside and out, love her! And loved this post! xx

  2. @ Lady Sophia's Lover- she definitely is! xoxo

    @ Nicola- awwww thank you sweetheart, glad you liked it! Love that you like LC too, I can't wait for her new show!


  3. Just ordered this out of my love for Conrad's style - however, I'm not expecting anything life changing which is why I'm not getting my hopes up so as not to be too disappointed if I don't like it!

  4. @ dulcentlydawn- yes that's just i; don't expect anything life changing, and if you view it like that, it's a very enjoyable read. Hope you like it! :).


  5. Thanks for the review, I saw this at the bookstore and was wondering what beauty bloggers thought of this. I agree, more pictures would have been a good addition.

  6. I am so glad I have found a post on this book I am still dithering whether to buy it or not from just seeing a few pages I think it looks good, but definitely not what I was expecting. Thank you for sharing. Great blog

  7. @ Kelly- so glad it helped you out! I love pictures, so it's good to know you agree with this too.

    @ Ellen- aww thank you, I'm so glad it helped you out! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.



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