NOTD: MAC ‘Bad Fairy’ Venomous Villains Collection Nail Lacquer

As I stated in my post yesterday, as I had such a long time not blogging, I’m trying to catch up on all the latest going-ons in the beauty blogging world. Therefore this post is again a bit old! But I really wanted to blog about this gorgeous nail polish from the much discussed MAC Venomous Villains Collection. I wasn’t going to get any polishes from this collection at all, online they didn’t look anything special, but when I saw it in person, I absolutely fell in love!

And here’s some close ups so you can see just how beautiful this colour is. At the time, I really wanted the other colours, but now I’m really happy to own this little beauty. And these photos make me confused…but it also shows how unique a shade it is. I mean is it an orange red, purple red? There’s just some much going on in this one little magic bottle!
Sorry for the horrible anaemia poorly nails! Now the bad news? It’s unfortunately sold out everywhere!!! I took one of the last from my local counter and I believe it’s completely gone online too. So please, oh MAC powers that be, make this a permanent, pretty please? Let everyone have a share of this fairy goodness! Do you own this a shade, and if so, what do you think of it? OH and the only bad thing? This has rubbish staying power, not so magical!



  1. Whoa! That really is a pretty colour! Shall Ebay search for it!

  2. @ Sarah@Blusherobsession- I know it's so stunning! It was one of Temptalia's must-haves too.

    @ allygabry- be careful if you're going to Ebay! Don't buy from any seller who are selling it for £30+!!! There are some *rolls eyes*.


  3. That looks gorgeous! It's so unique!!


  4. *Gasps*
    The lacquer is BEAUTIFUL.
    I hope they make it a permanent one!

    Anyways, make sure to check my blog too!

  5. @ Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Unique being the word, yes! There's honestly not a dupe for it I don't think!

    @ Black Crayon- yes they absolutely have to! Or at least, bring it out re-release with the other new collections! Oh and will do sweety, thank for for stopping by!

    @ Gaby ☠- I know, isn't?! :D



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