NOTD: Ciate ‘Dangerous Affair’ Nail Polish FREE with Marie Claire!



A total poor attempt at a NOTD, but lately my nails are so embarrassing that honestly I cannot cope with the utter shame I would feel posting a proper photo of my nails! So this should be a ‘thumb of the day’ I guess! haha. But I really wanted to post about this because as you all know, I love my magazine freebies, and this latest one from Marie Claire is pretty amazing! If you pick up this month’s magazine, with Glee’s Lea Michelle on the cover (which you can see here, as I’ve misplaced my copy!).

There’s two shades to choose from, the one I got ‘Dangerous Affair’- a deep raspberry red or ‘Mistress’ a fun scarlet colour. I went with ‘Dangerous Affair’ as I love deep red shades at this time of year. It feels so Autumnal to paint it on and then admire them againist your chunky knits and pale winter skin. The actual polish is definitely good- although I wouldn’t say brilliant- but as these are worth about £9- and you pay £3.60 for the magazine- if a bargain not to be missed! And aren’t the Ciate bottles gorgeous? So unique.

The other shade ‘Mistress’ which you can also get free with the magazine.

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Can’t get enough good deals? There’s more! Log on to Ciate and enter discount code CIATE25MC. But be quick as this offer closes 27 October 2010. I’d love to know what you lot think of Ciate as it’s a brand I know very little about, other than the cute bottles Winking smile



  1. Every time I go to my local newsagents some little theif has always stolen the nail varnish out of the packet!! Grrrrr! I'll definitely have to track one down before the new edition comes looks lovely :)

  2. I got one too from the magazine. Isn't that bottle the cutest thing ever?

  3. @ Ms. Wedgie- awwww no that sucks! Try a supermarket?!

    @ Beauty Addict- I know, isn't?! I kind of feel they're really unique in that respect, the bow is an adorable touch!



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