How I Store my Earrings and Other Jewellery

Hello lovelies! So I often talk about jewellery on here, because quite simply I adore it! Lately all my favourite posts contain at least one item, so I thought it would be fun to show you how I store it all. Well, attempt to store it! You see I'm naturally not that organised a person. I try my best but it doesn't come to me naturally. But anyway, here are some photos!

Here's all my earring holders together. I guess you could call the majority of these 'jewellery trees'?! The one at the back is based on 'My Fair Lady', from the infamous Ascot scene! All my main dangly and big earrings go on this. Ones that don't go with other pieces. Then below that is the butterfly that beautifully spins around! She holds all my dangly, but smaller earrings. I have TONS of these and she's actually now full! Finally, two stud earring holders. One Russian Doll, and another pink glittery one with charm detail.
First stud holder! Random array of studs on here. Many go back yeeeears. The Chanel ones are from the lovely Zoella, and then like I said the others are just purely random!
My beloved spinning butterfly! I love her so much. This was from Claire's. Actually so was the above. I've tried my hardest to create some sort of 'order' on here. So for example one side has butterflies, another Russian Dolls etc. I can normally find things on here very quickly. If I'm feeling really lazy I'll grab something from here and not bother with anymore jewellery to be honest!
My very precious 'My Fair Lady' lady! I imagine Audrey Hepburn here as I pick my earrings off! This holds my huge earrings. I absolutely love using this. All the earrings go around her dress, and there's hooks where I hold my Betsey Johnson and other special ones. It really is fantastic, and even the little umbrella has holes for storage! I can't remember at all where I got it from. I think it was some catalogue years ago. I'd highly recommend it as it's so sturdy too.
The back view.
This is my latest edition; a sweet Russian Doll stud holder! I haven't really arranged them on perfectly, but they're all here! Kind of an over fill from the last stud holder, and again from Claire's. Good ol' Claire's! Check out the outlet stores for cheaper versions, and normally 30% off. This jewellery box was a present from some of my best girlie friends. They got it from Monsoon I think. I put precious things in here, including my rings and other very special items. Isn't it pretty?
I'm not going to go into too much detail for my other stuff as it's not quite sorted yet! But I use these cutlery holders for my jewellery. I know it sounds weird, but it works really well! I love reclying things as you know, and I find that the best way for me to lay jewellery out is like this. I have many of these tray things.
The first drawer has butterflies and chunky designs in. The second drawer has pearls on the far left, fine pearl/big charms in the middle and on the far right more the same to be honest, big charms and pearls! My pride and joy 25th anniversary Betsey Johnson necklace lives here. It would live in the above if I could get it in though!
This is now a bit of a mess! It's basically meant to be 'sets' in here, and I store them in little zipper bags. I really don't like it, but otherwise find I lose bits of the sets...does anyone else have that?!
Finally this is how I store my bracelets. I have about 3 of these on top of each other with bracelets in. I try where possible to go by colour and type of bracelet. So metal, sparkly ones go together, fine beaded, pearls, thick bead etc etc.
And so it goes on like this! How do you store your jewellery? I bet it's better than me so I definitely want to know about it! But do you like these organisation posts, and should I do more? Let me know :).


  1. lovely!! very organised..mines just one big mess lol! xx

  2. Thanks sweety! I can't imagine all your gorgeous stuff in a mess! I'm sure you're hiding something fabulous ;).


  3. messy here too.. gotta do something lol

  4. @ Sue- Oh I feel your pain! I'm constantly searching for the ultimate storage solution for necklaces and bracelets. Very happy with earrings, but not with the other stuff! Of course I need to buy less, but I don't think that's going to happen, haha.


  5. OMG! You have the most amazing and the cutest collection ever! I super super love your blog header too really eye-catching! I sooooo like it!


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