Favourites: September 2010

Hello sweeties, a slightly belated September favourites is here. I’ve never been late with this before, so shame on me! Here’s what I’ve been loving this month.
IMG_8887 1. Vita Coco- 100% Pure Coconut Water
So you know by now that I’m a little…okay a lot into healthy eating, so this little magical drink is right up my street! I’m going to do a separate post on this, so I won’t say too much, but this carton of coconut juice you see above, is a little skin wonder!
2. Accessorize Key Rings
I think you all know that I ADORE Accessorize by now, don’t you? I literally want every single thing they do which can be lethal on the old card. Lately, I’ve been adoring their key rings. I got this cute felt owl  some time ago, and then recently found this beautiful Russian Doll one. They literally have tons of different styles and I’d definitely recommend them as a way to jazz up your keys!
3. River Island Panda Hat
They’re back, they’re back! Yes, it’s the return of the super, super cute Panda beanie hats from River Island. Last year they debuted these hats and everyone had them. Then Katy Perry was seen wearing one and then literally everyone had them! I remember seeing the very colour she was wearing on eBay for £40 last year- ridiculous! So please don’t go doing anything silly like that. Just get yourself down to River Island and snap one up for £15. It really is the sweetest little winter accessory you could possibly own!
IMG_8958 4. Tangle Teezer
Do you have long hair that you find tangles at the slightest thing? They you HAVE to get one of these! I read about it ages ago and a few months ago got myself one. At first I didn’t think it would work any better than a brush but wow, it certainly does! I don’t know why it does, but don’t worry about that, just enjoy the end of messy tangled hair! The best thing about this is that it works perfectly on both dry and wet hair.

5. Strawberry Car Air Freshener
Yum, yum, yum! This is another little Accessorize treat and it is just so sweet. I love air fresheners, and my car is so much nicer when it smells of sweet cupcakes! This one has a gorgeous strawberry cream scent and it smells so delicious, and literally good enough to eat!
6. River Island Paris Scarf
A lot of my favourites are a little repetitive this month, and from the same place! You can tell where I’ve been shopping…;). But anyway, this is another River Island purchase and it’s just love. This was insanely hard to photograph as it has so many pretty elements to it, but basically it’s a gorgeous silky scarf with scenes of Paris and France on it. It’s so chic and I can’t wait to wear it with my little beret and look like a little Paris girl :).
IMG_8960 7. MAC Hello Kitty ‘Cutester’ and Mimmy’ Lip Combination
This has been my must have lip combination of the whole month. I know I should be wearing my darks, but I’ve been really busy and I find dark lip combinations require a lot of patience and touch ups! With these, I put them on in the morning and can usually get away with hours before I need to reapply. I so hope both these shades come back again soon, they really are the perfect pinky/peachy shades.
IMG_5369 8. Beauxoxo Cameo Corsage Hair Bow
I know I’ve slacked so, SO bad lately on my shop, but I’ll be making a return to crafting very, very soon! But anyway, I have been wearing this bow pretty much every day. It goes with everything and everyone always compliments me on it, which makes me so happy. If you want to snap one up click here, but don’t worry if you want it in different shades and I’ve sold out, I’ll soon have more made!
IMG_8122 9. Juicy Couture ‘Couture Couture’ Perfume
Only recently I did a review on this perfume and I’ve really come to love it as my everyday perfume. It’s perfect for this season as it’s a mixture of sweet, with a warm undertone which is really gorgeous. I wish it lasted longer on my skin, but it’s still a great perfume, and the bottle is beautiful, right?!
10. MAC ‘Spiced Chocolate’ Cult of Cherry Collection Quad
I’ve featured this in a previous favourite post around this time last year, but it’s such a favourite of mine that I’m going to include it again! This really is a fantastic quad. Dupable though it may be, the intensity of the pigments is amazing, and I love how all these gorgeous colours are together in the quad ready and easy to use. Endless combinations can be used; my favourite at the moment being ‘Nanogold’ all over the lid and ‘Spiced Chocolate’ as a liner.
So that’s what I’ve been loving this month! So what about you? Let me know below :).


  1. I love Accessorize Key Rings, so so cute :) And that Paris scarf is SO nice, I have a thing about Paris atm so I may have to go get it ;) x

  2. Oh my, so many same favourites as I have!
    Accesorize stuff (the russian doll key ring is so cute! I have to chek them out next time I go to Accesorize), coconut water, river island panda hat (I so want one!! Too bad they do not have river island here in Finland :(), juicy couture fragarance...

    (btw I am a beginner beauty blogger, it would be nice to hear some feedback ^^ bab5b.blogspot.com )

  3. I need that Panda hat in my life! I love Couture Couture too, might get it for Christmas :)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  4. Nice favorites!:D

    I am loving that Paris scarf!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. @ alexandra dean- yes defintely snatch it up, they still had a few when I got mine!

    @ Ava- Yay glad we have the same favourites :). I love Finland! I will be sure to check out your blog.

    @ Kat O- get it, get it, get it! It's just so cute, and I actually think I prefer this design to last years. Get Couture, Couture too ;). It would make a gorgeous present!

    @ Marie- thank you sweety! :)


  6. I bought the black version of that panda hat last year but i think i may have to pick up the new cream one too :) hehe, those accesorize keychains are so cute, i always want to buy everything in there too!

  7. where the heck did you get that cupcake airfreshener?


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