Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011 New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of year again: fashion week! Now this post is seriously late because it’s from New York Fashion week, and even London has been and gone now! I’ve been meaning to put this up since last week when it was first seen, but you know how things get in the way. This is Betsey Johnson’s Spring and Summer collection for next year, and I know, I know, it’s only just Autumn, but the fashion world is a very forward thinking industry!

Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011 Part 1

You all know I adore Betsey Johnson, so I of course felt compelled to share the collection with you all. Because you know, I was invited as a front row VIP in New York *cough* IN MY DREAMS!!! No, I’m afraid I sat at home and watched the live stream from my less than fashionable surroundings!

Now a Betsey Johnson show is like no other. There’s no serious fashion editors frowning in the front row, although there are probably still the pouting celebs! Moreover, Betsey’s shows neither follow trends or dictate them. Rather, it’s an outlet to express her punky, frivolous and fun loving style. And what you’ll notice is that there’s always a theme or a story being told. This year, Betsey explains that ‘the collection is based on the different types of people you encounter when you're on your bike in the city’. So as soon as the show starts, we see a video of Betsey on her bike riding around the city.

Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011 Part 2

And then the show is broken up into the different and varying parts of the city. We start in Brooklyn where the models strut down the catwalk in body-conscious leotards with gun and comic prints, with Betsey’s signature prom dresses doused in neon. Those poor models sure take risks, including skateboards and everything, although the poor girl at 02.13 in the first video. Oh no! These are NOT made for heels! No wonder she picked up her skateboard and carried it off with her!

Next we’re off to The Met where some more subdued creations were seen. But just check out the beauty of those Marilyn Monroe dresses at 03.13 part 1. Need, need, NEED! Next we’re headed for the infamous Central Park where all matters of Spring are translated into true girly-flower and watercolour dresses. I absolutely love this look, especially the dress at 08.39 part 1. Just gorgeous! Then we drift into Lower Manhattan, where Betsey’s infamous stores reside, and so here Betsey presents the epitome of her fun-loving style with huge poufy dresses and robust looking skirts in flashy colours, even being a little gaudy at times. It’s total front window display fashion! The change of music to the piano makes me think this is evening wear and high couture at it’s most OTT to get you noted in the City.

A cute little detour to Seaport which showcases almost costume Nautical fashion which is so adorable, you can’t help but love it. It’s a refreshing change from the military style that dominates the other catwalks. The show closes appropriately in Times Square where her signature dresses are decorating in Neon splashes of colour and Jackson Pollock esque splattered paint detail. This to me symbolises tons of things: the modern art culture, the flashing lights of Times Square or the lights of traffic that illuminates the streets around New York. These dresses are so fun that you cannot help but smile at how well they capture the very essence of the city and are a perfect way to close the show.

No actually, you know what truly finishes the show in style? Betsey’s riding onto the runaway in a pink tasselled bicycle which she then followed with her legendary cartwheel down the catwalk. Now this has got to be the coolest 68 year old around! But please, next time, I want to be apart of the Le Tour Betsey! This was absolutely one of my favourite Betsey collections.

Anyway my lovelies, what was your favourite show from NYC fashion week? Let me know below. London Fashion Week and a Betsey make up Spring/Summer 2011 look to follow :).



  1. I love Betsey but don't own one single thing :(

    Do you have any stuff? If so where did you get it as id like to get some jewellery and maybe a bag but dont want to order from the US and risk huge customs fees :/


  2. @ beautyandthebeast- awwww you must change this!!! I have to say I do have a lot of Betsey things. Not as much as I would like of course! I'd happily buy her whole store if I could! ;). I go to her only store in the UK fairly frequently, which is just off Covent Garden, and when I go to the US I stock up as it's a- slightly cheaper and b- there's Betsey in the fashion outlets which makes it even cheaper! Also, check out TK Maxx as occassionally you'll find Betsey bags and sunglasses etc. Ebay also has the occassional thing!



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