What Do I Take On My Holidays?

I meant to put this post up before I went to Turkey as it seemed more appropriate then, but then I thought it's always kind of relative as people travel at any time of the year. I love seeing how people pack for holidays. I don't claim to be the most organised, savvy packer in the world, because I'm anything but. However, I have been fortunate to travel a lot so far in my life, and so I've kind of got the hang of what kind of things are worth taking. So here's a little peak into my suitcase, although I'm only really doing beauty and make up things:
So I have two Betsey Johnson cosmetic bags (yes, I am an addict, you all know this! ;)). I picked up this silver one only the other day in TK Maxx for a barganious £7, woop! As it's waterproof, I put my skincare, haircare and liquid type things in here so that when I put it in bathrooms the fabric won't go all funny. Back row is some mouthwash, I have to have mouthwash. I got this from Superdrug. Then there's my haircare bits. I take with me a heat protectant, Lee Stafford. I adore this stuff, and it smells amazing! I try not to use much heat on holiday, but just in case I do, this always has to come with me! Then I use Mark Hill shampoo and conditioner. This has been fantastic in Turkey where my hair was prone to being frazzled! Both excellent and has a gorgeous coconut perfume scent. Then finally, Lee Stafford hairspray and Charles Worthington UV hair protectant spray.
Next up a mini toothpaste and brush. As a word of warning a mini toothpaste lasts me a weeks holiday...and then I'm stuck! So bear that in mind when you pick one up. I then take nail remover pads as they won't leak like the bottled versions. Then of course, summer nails! All summer I have been wearing my beloved Nubar 'Belize Coral' which I was kindly sent to me a little while ago. I adore it in the summer sun. It's so gorgeous on all skintones.
What else haven't I mentioned which you can see....?! Well there's my mini H&M Hello Kitty shower gel and body lotion, both so cute and have a delicious strawberry scent. Both are so lovely to use when it's hot like it was in Turkey. Look out for great mini things in H&M. I saw Hello Kitty mini body sprays only recently. I have a Vitamin E eye cream which is okay and Batiste, a girl's BFF! I also have Vitamin E face wipes, an Origins toner, and an Origins moisturiser. Origins skin care never lets me down. Oh and two Cellnique samples, which were sent to me and were perfect for the summer sun. Then of course SPF! I go a little overboard on this. I take my beloved MAC Prep & Prime SPF and then my Simple Sun Cream SPF 50. I don't wear foundation so I just apply my SPF on my bare skin every 2 hours, or sometimes more!
Everything altogether in its little bag! Snug, but fits!
Now onto the make up! I'm very, very minimalist when it comes to make up on holiday, especially in warmer climates where all I bother about is my SPF. I store my make up in this Betsey Johnson hot pink and yellow leopard print fabric bag which I got free with her perfume.
All I take is Stila Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30 and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light for the evenings, with some MAC Moon River mineralize blusher. I like glowy make up on holiday, and all three above are perfect for this. The shadows I take are mainly neutral so they go with all my clothes, so I usually take a Sleek palettes which has every colour possible, and some falsies for the evening! I also like Urban Decay's Sin Primer Potion which I can wear alone if I couldn't be bothered with much make up! For brushes I use my mini MAC and B ones, they get the job done, but I always miss my big brushes on holiday!
Then I *attempt* to pack them neatly in my suitcase. Here's a little peak of some other things I pack. These include my beloved Betsey Johnson socks, sunglasses, Tangle Teezer brush, hair accessories, jewellery and hair straighteners. My clothes and other bits and bobs are packed in another suitcase. Oh and LOOK magazine, of course!
Then everything is ready to be packed into my cute Marilyn Monroe suitcase! You have to love it, right? Well, if Marilyn Monroe is your idol like moi! I got it in New Look a few years ago and it's one of my most favourite things ever.
So what are your holiday beauty/hair etc essentials? Let me know below :). Oh and my top tip would be to always save mini samples for holidays or weekends away, and stock up on minis from Superdrug and Boots in the summer.



  1. fab post huni ... your sooo organised compared to me ... i take WAAYYYY to much of everything i just cant decided ... ive started sorting out my holiday clothes now & i dont go away till 9th September :)

    Your suitcase is tres cute!


    (my word verification was snuggles awww)

  2. ooooh I love cute suitcases!

    Mine has russian dolls on it :)

    I think you look very organised!


  3. Aww...I love how mini all your travel products are ^_^


  4. What a great post! I'm off on hol in a few weeks and it's given me inspiration of what to take and what not to take.
    And I love your suitcase! xx

  5. @ Stacey- awww thanks sweety! I'm actually a really light traveller. I have to force myself not to pack so much because I know I won't use it. Have a fab time when you go away, where you going?

    @ beautyandthebeast- oooooh that sounds cute! I'd love to see! Where's it from?

    @ Lisa- I know mini products are the cutest, I love stocking up on them!

    @ Lauren Loves- awww thank you! So glad you liked it. Have a great time on your holiday! Where you going?


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  7. That suitcase is FABULOUS!!!


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