Favourites: August 2010

I debated about whether to actually do a favourites post this month as it's personally been an awful one. Many of you who have followed me for a while both on here and Twitter will know why. But I constantly need things to keep my mind busy and so during my HUGE clear out and tidy this weekend, I gathered some of my favourites together.
1. Monteil Multi-Coloured Kabuki Brush
You know how much I love this cute and crazy brush! I got it from my holiday in Turkey, in their version of a CCO. I think someone in my comments said it looked like a clown brush, and that's so true!!!
2. Accessorize Japanese Tweezers
Just a warning: there's a lot of Accessorize this month as I had a recent spree! I didn't need anymore tweezers, but as I was ready to pay I saw these near the till. Don't you just hate it when they put such tempting cute stuff in front of the till? So of course once I had seen how adorable they were, I had to have them! And they're actually fantastic tweezers, so I'd definitely recommend them!
3. Accessorize Japanese Wooden Hair Comb
More Accessorize. Yes indeed! I featured one in either last months or a month before favourites as they're so lovely and these are slightly different to my other designs...that was my justification at least! But it was only £3.50!
4. Accessorize Butterly Ring
I only ever wear two rings and they were both given to me through my family as to me they are so perfect I have never had much desire to buy other rings. This one however was just so beautiful and different that I kind of felt like I needed it! This was another purchase from near the till! I haven't worn it much yet as it's quite OTT it's not a day to day wear, but I do adore it very much!
5. Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser
I've heard so many good things (totally unintended pun!!!) about this range lately that I felt I was missing out on something. The range sounds just my sort of thing: No SLS, no mineral oil and no parabens. Many natural beauty product fans will know just how hard it can be to find a decent cleanser that doesn't contain SLS these days. I've been using this for a few days now and I really, really love it! The first time I couldn't get it to foam much but now it works really well for me. And you don't always need to have masses of foam for it to work anyway. I might do a skincare routine post and I'll be sure to include this of course. I may also try other things from the range too.
6. Cute Socks!
My latest obsession lately is a strange one- SOCKS! I have no idea how this started but I think it was because when I was in Topshop I couldn't resist they're 3 for £7 offer on their socks and I found the above cuties! Then I picked up these Betsey Johnson ones in TK Maxx and was so pleased, as you all know how much I love her, and they were only £4 for 2 pairs. I love wearing socks around the house as I'm not really a slipper girl!
7. Office Denim Bow Shoes
Aaaaaages ago I think in January I posted these exact shoes that I got in the Office sale for just £10 and you all adored them. Well last time I was in Office I found these denim ones in my size! Hurrah! They had been £60 and were only £10. I love them so much, and they're with my pink ones now. I have no idea why they've suddenly appeared in their sale so late in the year, but anyway, I'm just pleased to have them! So comfy too. The heel is perfect.
8. 'Lights' Ellie Goulding Album
I always like to throw in a completely random favourite and this month I've been constantly playing Ellie Goulding's debut album, 'Lights'. I never got the Ellie Goulding factor at first but now I love her. My favourite song is 'The Writer' and I've finally worked out a piano arrangement to it, as I'm a bit geeky like that ;). If you want to hear it though let me know!
9. Yumi Russian Doll Purse
Yumi is the cutest shop ever! I don't know if many know of it, but it's a chain of insanely cute dresses and stuff like that. You usually find it within a department store, but there are freestanding stores too. I was fortunate to go to the latter lately and picked up this (amongst other things!!!) for just £5. I love Russian Dolls. You know already know this! I thought this would be perfect for my Uni bag when I just want money for lunch or whatever.
10. Misikko Straightening Irons
I was recently sent these to try out and I have to just say that they are such a lovely company! They sent the most beautiful package and I absolutely adore these straighteners. I've been trying them out since I've been back from holiday but because of personal stuff going on I've been late putting up a review. But tomorrow I'll be putting one up so make sure you come back for that, and I'll tell you why I love them so much!
I think that's everything for August. I'm quite pleased to see the back of this month. If you want to link your favourites below definitely feel free, or just tell me what you've been loving! I love favourite posts :).



  1. Lovely faves, that kabuki brush is interesting!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Haha, yeah it's definitely an acquired taste ;)


  3. Love the tweezers and the shoes ;-)

  4. That brush is gorgeous, I so want one:)

  5. @ Sue- yeah they're ridiculously cute! :D

    @ Sparklz and Shine- I know and it was quite cheap too!


  6. You have reat style. Enjoyed this post. Thanks :) Emma x

  7. @ Computergirl- aww thank you sweety, glad you enjoyed! :)

    @ May- thank you beautiful!


  8. I've got similar tweezers to them which i purchased from Octopus, love them so girly!!

    I adore the Kabuki brush it is so gorgeous, shame i can't get hold of one :-( think i'd just have it looking pretty on my dressing table though wouldn't want to spoil it by actually using it lol


  9. @ Jody- Ooooh I LOVE Octopus! They have the cutest things. I always have to check out the Covent Garden branch! I can't find a link to the Kabuki brush anywhere online, which sucks, I thought they would have a website :S


  10. Haha, I think I was the one who made the clown comment ^.^

    The tweezers are really cute! And I agree! They always put such nice stuff near the cashier >.<


  11. love the brush! too cute.


  12. @ Lisa- ahhhh so it was you? Well I need to quote you for your ingenious quote ;).

    @ Kaitlyn- glad you like it sweety!


  13. Wow I love all these things so so much.
    You have a fabulous quirky taste.
    The kabuki brush is beautiful.

    Love the shoes too, just luuuurve ;)

    All very nice..xx

    Fab blog too :)


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