The Cutest Hand Cream EVER!

If you've followed my blog for a little while now, you'll know I'm an absolute sucker for cute packaging. Is it my main incentive for buying a product? I'd be lying if I said it wasn't! Which is why I was so glad to find this little cutie.

And I know what you're thinking....what is it (but then the title may give it away!)?! Other than looking like a gorgeous looking cupcake of course! Well as I was browsing River Island (something I regularly do!) recently, I was enticed by this little cutie. River Island stock a lot of Naughty But Nice products, I also have one of their car air fresheners. I love taking care of my hands and to be honest I wasn't expecting much from this, and presumed it would be full of chemicals. To be my surprise, and delight, it contains a surprisingly large amount of fairly safe natural ingredients from cocoa butter to olive oil. But then it also contains some negative stuff. Especially the use of petrolatum.
But is it any good? Well I'd be lying if I said it was the best hand cream in the world...because it isn't! It does on immediate application sink in instantaneously and leaves hands feeling soft, but for a mere few seconds and they go back to how they were originally. My hands are naturally quite soft though, but I think I'll be sticking to my LUSH from now on! But it's not a complete waste. Once I have used it up, which I of course will, I will use it to store other hand creams. It's FAR too cute to ever, ever throw away. And that's good in that I can recycle and reuse something. I love having it on my bedside table. The scent is also very faint. It's meant to be Cherry, but it's hard to detect at all times. If it wasn't for that little cherry on top I'll admit, I'd struggle to know it was scented!
So cute or not?! Let me know! What's your favourite hand cream? By the way, mine is still LUSH Smitten. If you can't find this in your local River Island then click here. You'll find tons of other cute products, and this hand cream in different toppings....or should I say, scents! Although the moral of this story, or should I say...purchase?! Don't get drawn in to the cuteness, it doesn't always translate to the inside! Will I learn from this? Of course not! For me it's a never ending search to find something that matches up to a packages cuteness ;).


  1. I bought this in their sale.
    I love and hate the fact I work in river island - too many cute things i want to buy, end up buying, then like you realise cute doesn't always equal good.

    when will we learn


  2. Aw...that is super adorable!

  3. I'd buy that just for the tub lol x

  4. Shame it isn't very good. The packaging is so cute though! x

  5. Like you i bought this for the cuteness of the tub unfortunately it's probabl;y the worse hand cream (or any toilettry) i've ever bought! It seperated out on me and looks disgusting and just doesn't work at all on me. But at least i have a cute little pot :)

  6. @ Laura Jaye- Ooooh you work at River Island?! My earnings would go back in the till!!! Cute doesn't always equal good, you're so right, but cute's always good ;)

    @ Whitney- very ;)

    @ Lisa- isn't it just? :)

    @ Lollipop- that may have been what I did...Opps! haha. ;).

    @ tackyblueeyeshadow- I know I'd love to say it's my new favourite hand cream but unfortunately not!:(

    @ Lilian Funny Face- glad it's not just me! Why must it not live up to the cuteness? But still, we can now decant our favourite hand cream into it, haha ;).



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