Beauty Shopping Goodies From Turkey!

So as you all know I was in Turkey two weeks ago. I had never been before, and had a lovely time, although hearing my Grandpa was ill certainly altered the holiday mood, but my Nana was insistent that we all made the most of being there as there was nothing any of us could have done. I suppose some relief was that although he was critically ill the Sunday before last, he didn't pass away until last Sunday, and the doctors just couldn't believe he lasted that long. I'm convinced he waited to see the rest of my family and myself as he knew we'd be back then.

But anyway, sad times aside, because if I go on again I'll only end up getting all weepy! We made three stops on our week journey. We flew into Bodrum, then went to Izmir and our final stop was the amazing Pamukkale, before going back to Bodrum to fly home. I have a few photos from each which I'll share in a seperate post. I thought it would be a nice idea to post some of the beauty and jewellery goodies I picked up, because I absolutely love seeing what people pick up on their travels. This isn't a haul or anything, but just a little snippet into what kind of things Turkey has to offer! I was really inspired the post Sirvinya made as oddly enough she was in Bodrum the week before me! I tried to be restraint though, as I have too much make up! You all know that though ;).
Here's a little photo of my goodies from Bodrum! First of all, I know, I know Queen Helene products are something you'd expect to see in an American shopping haul, but I picked this up fairly cheaply in a local supermarket and I have never seen these products back home. I'm excited to try it, let me know if you've used the range before. The other items posted are what I found in a Turkish version of Superdrug and Boots!
I was really surprised to find these nail art pens, the colour choice was immense! I decided to pick up a white, black and glittery silver as they're good basics to get, and I'm completely new to nail art. They aren't anywhere near as good as the Nubar ones I have, as they don't have a nib you can draw with, just a brush. For some looks though I think they'll be really useful, and at £1 each they were an absolute steal!
They had SO many nail polishes I was spoilt for choice. My favourite was this Glittery Baby Blue Cecile shade you can see. If you're interested it's in shade number 50...if that means anything to anyone! This range was everywhere and it cost me about £2. I plan to wear it on top of my beloved Nubar 'Baby Blue' polish!
This was a complete unnecessary purchase, but I thought the idea of a lipgloss packaged like a lollipop was adorable, and therefore felt compelled to get one! As a pinky-gold sheen shade it's highly dupeable, but it's still very pretty and I will use it for tons of looks. Again I think it was about £1.
But now we get onto my absolute favourite purchases! Check out these amazingly cute brushes! I got these at a designer outlet just coming out of Izmir on our way to Pamukkale. If you're in the area, or visiting, it was the Selway Outlet (Tel: 277 42 27). They're by a make called Monteil, but then it says Paris so I guess they aren't very Turkish! They were both about £4. The shop was called 'Hobi Parfumeri'. It reminded me of a CCO!
Just take a look at this show-stoppingly gorgeous kabuki brush, yes it's multi-coloured! Isn't it just the cutest, most wonderful brush ever, ever, ever? I definitely think so!
As soon as I saw this brush I knew I couldn't come home without it! And it was only £4, so cheap! I kind of wish I got another one to just admire and the other to use, haha. I don't think each colour is meant for different elements of make up, that would be really tricky, it's just multi-coloured...just because!
And slightly more reserved, but just as cute was this two toned pink blusher brush with a cute heart diamante detail. But this diamante detail on both isn't real, it's sort of etched in so there's no worrying about it coming off suddenly in storage or your make up bag.
And finally a little peak at my jewellery still wrapped up though, so apologies for rubbish quality photos! They are all very distinctly Turkish in style and I love them! I did get some other stuff too which I haven't included, but I'll share that another time.

Anyway have any of you been to Turkey before, and if so what did you pick up? Beauty or otherwise! I'd love to know! If you have any questions on the above then definitely feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll do another Turkey post soon :).



  1. LOL @ the rainbow Kabuki. It reminds me of a clown's wig ^^

  2. I love the look of the lollipop gloss and yep those brushes are pretty unique looking. :)

  3. Oh my god the brushes are just beautiful! I love the rainbow kabuki! :D

  4. @ Lisa- hahahaha, I didn't even think of it like that, but it definitely is like a clown's wig!!!

    @ Vampiresdoll- they are very unique looking, I love them :)

    @ Lillian Funny Face- I know, so, so cute :)


  5. such a fun haul!!

  6. oh my goodness those brushes are amazing! hope you had an amazing time :) x


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