REVIEW: Sleek Circus i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

Hello lovelies! How is everyone? I feel like I've slacked on my little blog so much lately, but if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know why I've been really busy lately! Anyway I have tons and tons of posts planned so hopefully I'll catch up with them all really soon. This is a post I've been meaning to post for a while, and I was hoping to have a FOTD alongside the review, but time has prevented me! Anyway, I had to share my thoughts on this new Sleek palette as although I know your reading lists are full of it, these palettes cannot be raved about enough; in my opinion!

So the Circus palette is the latest offering from super amazing UK 'drugstore' brand Sleek, who are infamous for their regular, as well as limited edition extremely highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes. This palette features 12 shadows with a mix between shimmers and mattes (which are hard to come by in the make up world). Here's a little look of some more photos and some swatches for you before I tell you all what I think.
So yes, one thing to notice straight away...the red packaging! The Sleek palettes are normally black, from since the release of the Bohemian palette earlier this year, the limited editions palettes have been different colours. Now, as you'll probably have known from that review I HATED the white packaging, but I love the red! I don't know why, but I think it really exacerbates the circus theme.
Here's the eyeshadow shades, as yep, these are not for the natural lover! But then this is a circus themed collection, so the emphasis is bright and bold shades. Oh and yes, there's that rather useless brush again, but I have to say, these type of brushes are vaguely useful for packing on bright colours so I can accept it just this once. Here are some close ups:
And now for the swatches time!
Loved all of the above shades, apart from the shimmery bluey-green which was difficult to swatch and as you can see, was a bit clumpy. The others were really pigmented, especially the yellow and orange. It's difficult to find a nice orange, but this is a really strong matte shade.
First off, the white shade is AWFUL!!!! I literally couldn't get any colour pay off whatsoever. So disappointing and just meh. The amount I swatched here was such a pain to get on, and involved pressing really hard and nearly ruining it! haha. Otherwise, the shimmery green is okay, but little meh again to me.
All these colours had great colour pay off, and as always with the Sleek palettes, there's nearly always a fantastic black matte which is essential for any palette in my opinion.
And here they are altogether! So overall, this palette is so fun, but I really dislike the colour pay off on one or two shades, especially the white. Otherwise, it's another fantastic good value eyeshadow palette from the lovely people at Sleek, and I forgot to praise the gorgeous cardboard packaging, so cute! If you're into your brights, then definitely check it out, but if the natural look is more your thing, than I would suggest skipping this one.

The palette is priced at £5.99 which is a £1 more than usual if I'm not mistaken? You can pick one up from Superdrugs, I got mine there last week, or you can now buy things from their website online, for you International lovelies! Hope this review helped somewhat. I hope to have some circus themed FOTDs up soon! What do you make of this palette? Let me know below! I'll be back soon with a fun Nail Art post...prepare to laugh ;).



  1. I love this palette - especially the yellow, it's so so bright! x

  2. This palette is so much fun!

  3. @ Carrsky- yeah the yellow does come up super bright and vivid! :)

    @ Fintia- Fun indeed! Such a great selection of colours :)


  4. I love this palette so much, the colours are so beautiful and i love that there are great mattes along with shimmers :)
    And i'm with you on the red colour, most people seem to dislike it, but it's circus themed, it has to be bright and gaudy! :P

  5. @ Lillian Funny Face- haha, exactly! We are so in tune ;)



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