I ♥ My Little Pony! ♥♥♥♥♥

Okay so I will confess....I have a hard time acting like a grown up...I'm much happier re-living my childhood, and when I was little I adored My Litte Pony. I mean who didn't, seriously?

Since I've become a fan (okay, addict!) of Etsy I've been able to re live this love by finding the cutest little My Little Pony necklaces. There are so many to pick from. A search of 'My Little Pony Necklace' will leave you spoilt for choice. I picked this pink little sweety, but trust me, it will be the first of many! I'm so excited that people are making accessories like this. It's made me wonder whether to incorporate them into my hair designs, what do you think?

So were, or are, you a fan of My Little Pony? Or would something like this creep you out? haha. I got this particular design by the etsy seller Jacyln33 which you can check out here. It only cost me about £9 in total, including P&P, and she even included some adorable stickers! I am officially obsessed all over again! :).


  1. See, I'm a purist, thats not an original 80s style pony, although its totally fucking darling! And I do loooove this one... http://www.etsy.com/listing/46533808/white-my-little-pony-bottle-cap-pendant?ref=sr_list_22&ga_search_query=my+little+ponys+necklace&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&order=&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title I wish I didn't give my ponies away, I had at least 50 :(

  2. oh my how cute!!! Its so kitsh I love it, could imagine wearing it with a cute little summer dress. Great to reveal your inner child once in a while ;) fx

  3. I love My Little Pony, i still own a lot of them! :D Lovely necklace! Etsy is so great.

  4. Awww I remember My Little Pony from way back when! I had a couple of those.....now the only cute/childish type jewelry I wear is Hello Kitty :) Love her!
    OMG are you serious that Sephora was pulled out of the UK? I love Sephora and that's really too bad if they removed stores from there :(

  5. Omg I love My Little Pony and I believe your necklace is Pinkie Pie? So cuteeee ! I think I may suss out this Etsy and find some for myself hehe !



  6. @ Robyn- that's cute too! I'm afraid to say My Little Pony knowledge is not much, other than they're all damn cute ;).

    @ Lisa Van- yeah definitely, that's what I did. I'm always revealing my inner child, hehe.

    @ Lillian Funny Face- yeah Etsy rocks! :).

    @ Karen- yes Sephora went many years ago here. It was so sad, it was my favourite shop too! I could spend hours in their just looking at everything. You're so lucky to have it. Maybe we could get the vending machines as compensation! haha.

    @ such.is-jaHnice- yes I think it is indeed, well spotted! You absolutely have to get one, they're so adorable! Pinkie Pie is so cute :).


  7. Aww they're so cuteee :]

    I useta have them wen i was a wane, a long time ago but they wer toys not a lovely neck-la-cé like yours !

    Im a new follower, return the favour please? :]

    ♥ -óxx.


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