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In a lot of my previous posts I have often said that I do not wear foundation (unless for a veeeeery special occasion!), and then soon after I always get tons of comments and emails from people asking what I am putting on my skin. Well, putting on my skin? Not a whole lot, just the usual. But what am I putting in my skin? The Healthy Skin Diet, that's what!

Yes, this little book is my best skin friend, and has literally transformed my life and skin. Okay, so life may be a little dramatic, but not only does this book help you achieve the best complexion ever, but it also helps with a whole host of illnesses and conditions. Without getting too personal on here, I have a few oddities wrong with me. To name a few, my main concerns are asthma, anaemia and eczema. I have had the first and third since I was little, and my anaemia came on a few years ago. I of course take medication for all of the above, which obviously helps, but I was tired of feeling so run down all the time.

Then one day I was in the Health and Beauty section of my local bookstore and I found this book. The title grabbed me immediately, I normally don't care about diet or health books, especially diet and exercise. I have never, shamefully, done either! But something about healthy skin really grabbed my attention, because who doesn't want healthy skin, right? Because the truth is we are what we eat. The cosmetics industry may bombard us everyday with the latest wonder cream to get 8-aday-skin, and although I do love a variety of skincare products, what you eat and drink is by far the most effective and easy way to achieve skin perfection.

I did find it a little confusing to get my head around at first, but once you read it it all makes perfect sense. I should just add that this isn't a diet like 'only eat a celery stick a day' or 'let's count all the calories' at all. Very simply, the author Karen Fischer guides you through every type of skin conditions and what foods to eat to get yourself beautiful skin. There are tons of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding and drinks. What I love so much about Karen is that she is so easy to relate to. When I was little I was the fussiest child ever, and so was she, and yet since I started learning how to cook properly several years ago I was transformed and I absolutely love everything in this book. It doesn't feel like a diet. You're not counting fat content, you just look in the mirror each day and see clearer, more beautiful skin.

Here's some excerpts from the book. This chapter on rosacea has helped me so much, I forgot to mention that one!
So has anyone read this book before? And do you watch what you eat to make sure you have gorgeous skin? I'd love to know how you all look after your skin. I hope that answers any questions about how I get my skin foundation free too. Would anyone like me to share some tips from the book? If so let me know. For more information on any of the above, check out Karen Fischer's website:



  1. I would love to hear more tips from this book, sounds very interesting!

  2. This is by far the most interesting entry I have read in a lot of time! I am now eager to get this book and read all that is about acne and blemishes!
    It would be awesome if you could put some brief tips on that from the book!

  3. I think I could do with this book in my life!
    Yess, share us some tips!! xx

  4. Hmm very interesting! I have quite good skin naturally (it's too dry and red but i get spots very rarely and just looks quite nice and smooth) and try to drink a lot of water but otherwise don't do anything special. And I too would love to hear some tips :)

  5. This book sounds like what I need. I hae found a couple of versions of it- has it been reprinted? When was your copy printed? Emma x

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  7. Hello lovelies! I am SO sorry my reply to this post is so ridiculously late, I thought it had gone on ages ago! Anyway I'm definitely going to get started on this soon.

    @ computergirl- Yes I think it has. It's actually by an Australian author, hence the different versions. I have this version: But any of the two will do. To be honest, I think they just have different covers!



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