5 Products I REGRET buying...

So we beauty addicts all have one thing in common: we're constantly searching for the creme de la creme of all cosmetic products. During this elusive quest it's inevitable that along the way we will end up buying things that to be honest just don't work out for us. I thought it would be interesting to share recent (over the last few months) products that I wish I hadn't bought.
1. Barry M Ice Cream Polishes

Before I state why I don't like this item I must just start by saying that I do ADORE Barry M. They are in my top 5 favourite brands, and since I started my blog I have had nothing but good things to say about their polishes. However this recent collection, inspired by Ice Cream shades, just did not work for me. I have no idea what's happened to the formula of these, but I know so many other bloggers who have had problems applying these. It takes about 3 messy coats before it's acceptable, but even then looks awful and chipped for me that day....and that's with Seche Vite too! Really so disappointed, but this hasn't put me off the brand at all, I just won't buy anymore of the Ice Cream shades.
2. Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash

I know this may upset some people but I have come to the conclusion that I find Simple products anything but simple!!! I wanted to use this product as I adore all products with green tea in, but this made me breakout and really dried out my skin. I don't know why I keep persevering with Simple, but I really have to resist from now on. My skin just doesn't like this brand unfortunately.
3. Eyeko OLD style nail polishes

I just wanted to highlight old style because I know that Eyeko have since re-released their nail polish brand and believe they've improved the formula. If so, that's great because I really didn't get on with the old style. It was pretty much like the Barry M ice cream shade one. Just so hard to deal with.
3. Rimmel 3 Looks Mascara

I truly believe Rimmel make the best high street mascaras in the UK, but this one for me was absolute rubbish! The idea is that you twist the end to get three types of volume and definition. Well this just wasn't to be. For one thing, mine wouldn't twist after the third use, and 1 didn't look anything different than 3! It's not even a great mascara on it's own, and on the highest setting. A very mild black, zero volume, zero length and seriously dull and dry. Don't give in to this gimmicky product!
5. James Brown Intensively Glossy Rescue Treatment

I'm saving my least favourite product until last....okay, where to begin! Okay so firstly, I got this as a freebie in Glamour magazine back in March, I never would have picked it out otherwise! I was really excited to try it as I love deep conditioning treatments. I used it first a few weeks ago and used hardly and as I washed it out my hair did feel fairly soft so I felt it had worked. Drying it however was an entirely different story....firstly, it did say rinse it out longer than an ordinary conditioner, and I did spend ages doing so, but even then it left my hair so, SO greasy I had to wash it again and again and even now it still lingers! I couldn't hate a product more! My hair is never greasy, ugh! And can you believe it says to apply from root to tip? Ummmmm NO THANKS!!! haha.

So there you go, a good old rant! There are others I could mention like Urban Decay's Yeyo 24/7 pencil (doesn't stay a second in the waterline) and The Sanctuary body lotion that myself and several others seemed to have burned from! But what are your product regrets? Feel free to rant below ;).



  1. Hello! I don't have a rant right now, but I just wanted to say that since I read your post on argan oil I went and bought some of it for the alligator skin on my arms, and it is working miracles, after I tried SO many different lotions and potions for my arms that I coulnd't see my bedside table for the bottles - none of them worked until argan oil, so THANK YOU and keep up the good work!
    Becky :-)
    (purpleshoes from LLL) x

  2. I got the same hair treatment freebie as you and i don't like it either, but oddly my experience is completely different to yours! I don't get any greasiness and it's not awful but to me it's just like any other bogstandard conditioner. My hair isn't any softer and there is no added shine or anything.

  3. Mine would have to be Nars sheer glow. It just didn't work for my skin. It made me look like a disco ball. Great post xx

  4. Haha such a great post!!
    Really good to hear some bad reviews, they're kinda more useful than good ones so you know what products to avoid!
    Definitely thinking of doing a similar post... I've wasted a LOT of money searching for the best beauty products! x

  5. I hate Simple stuff too! Well, actually I love thier toner, but I really regret thier makeup remover. OUCH. I also hate ELF all over colour thingies - they just look horrible, or at least the one I have did. And some Barry M polishes are utter crap. Overall I love them but I wish they'd make the brushes fatter.

  6. Great post :D I have to do this someday too. LOL

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  8. @ Rebecca White- Hello lovely! I'm so glad that the argan oil worked for you, I absolutely love it! So, so pleased that you got such amazing results, thanks so much for reading my blog, and for the support! :).

    @ Lillian Funny Face- Funny you had the same view, well sort of. I mean I could never imagine paying full price!

    @ Ansa- that's so weird and everyone raves about it, but then I have heard about experiences like yours too! Just shows that just because it's pricey doesn't mean it will be wonderful!

    @ Gem Fatale- you should definitely do it! It's a great form of beauty angst related therapy, haha.

    @ Robyn- so glad you agree about Simple too! It's just really not that gentle for me, and that eye make up remover made my eyes sting too! Also agreeing with you re. Barry M polishes, well the last collection anyway. Never tried ELF, but it doesn't appeal to be honest, and after what you said, don't think I'll bother! So thanks ;).

    @ Nea- do it! Definitely :).

    @ ChYmEc!nDy**- thanks for stopping by.


  9. great post - the ones that warn you about products are the best!!! and im right there with you about simple products :)
    im going to do a post like this soon x


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