REVIEW: Cellnique Vital Cellular Repair Masque & FREE Samples!

So the lovely people at Cellnique sent me a few products to review, and after trying them for a few weeks, I'm ready to tell you lovely lot what I think! I'm probably going to have to do them separately as you all know how much I love to ramble...see, doing it now!!!

So here is what it promises to do...

'This gentle, nourishing and repairing mask is specially enriched with potent nutrients of to promote healthy skin and to further protect your skin from pollutant and environmental allergen assault. Suitable for all skin types including post-operation skin. '

♥ Increases and retains skin moisture
♥ Restores skin collagen and elastin content to fight against aging and enlarged pores
♥ Stimulates cells renewal and promotes scars healing
♥ Repairs damaged cells and prevents further damage

My Thoughts

So I absolutely adore face masks, but I have to say that I get 90% of them from LUSH, because I feel the fresh ingredients make them more effective than ordinary masks. But anyway, out of all the products sent to try, this was the one I was more looking forward to trying. First up though, let's talk packaging. Well, it's certainly a lot more flashy than LUSH! I really like the plastic pot, and it looks really expensive and professional. Here's a close up:
And here's a close up of the ingredients. It may not be as 'fresh' as my LUSH ones, but on close examination, there's some fantastic ingredients in there. For example, Yeast Beta Glucan (helps cell renewal), Papaya Extract (great anti-bacterial and wound healing abilities) and Marine Collagen and Elastin (collagen helps retain moisture and elastin allows tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting).
Here's what it looks like when you open it. I absolutely love the little white lid on top of the product, as it stops it leaking everywhere and product getting wasted. The scent of this product is...nothing special to me really. I guess what I mean is, to me it smells of nothing, but on the website, it says it's a Pineapple scent. I don't get anything like that at all, but I really don't care as I'd rather have a no scent then something really off-putting...not that Pineapple is, but you know what I mean! The texture is absolutely gorgeous to work with, super creamy and easy to apply to the face, and frankly, just how a face mask should be! Lots of you who have tried LUSH face masks hate the texture, as it clumps and falls off etc etc, but this is the exact opposite. Once applied, you simply leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. I've been using it just once a week, but you could use it twice if you felt like your skin needed it.
So here's my skin before I started using the product. Now I know this a super horrible, disgusting close up, but here you can see that on my cheeks I have horrible bumps, a few large pores, and my most difficult skincare issue: Redness!!!
Here's my skin after I have been using it for a few weeks. Just a few things to say about this. Yes, I know my skin looks yellow, but that's because it was taken at night, so the lighting is different, and 2, this is how it looks after using the product continually for this amount of was NOT an overnight success. However after a few weeks I am so, so impressed with the results, more than I could have hoped for. My pore size has decreased, the redness is a lot better, I still have one or two bumps, but not as many. The only thing it didn't really do yet was to clear up a few dry patches I have, but hopefully in time it might help this too. And once rinsed off my skin does feel so refreshed and soft, it's just it has a little more moisturising to do, but it's getting there!
Overall Thoughts

I am really super impressed with this face mask and would recommend it. Although it's still very comparable to my LUSH ones, the one thing I did like about this compared to the others was that it helped with pore size. That was something it did which I never expected a face mask to do so I was super impressed with that. I don't think this would work for everyone though. It really is quite rich, so if you have acne or oily prone skin, maybe give it a miss, but if you have dry/sensitive skin then definitely check it out. OH and how could I go without just mentioning the price! Okay so this products is $45, which is what, £30 ish? Feel free to correct my dodgy maths, but I think that's right?! But anyway, it is what I would call an expensive product, and so that would for me at least, limit the amount of times I purchased it because I like to use a face mask once a week, but couldn't afford to use this all the time. If you just want to buy it as a one-off though, then this may not be a problem at all! For me though, it's out of my budget for a regular product.

Want to try this out for yourself, with a FREE sample?

But because I think this product is really good although a little expensive, the lovely people at Cellnique are offering an amazing offer to my gorgeous readers! So I'm really excited to tell you all that if you think this may be something you want to try for yourself, then the first 50 readers of my blog can email their full name, mailing/shipping address or the blog’s url (if any) to with the subject '', to get their own 3ml sample. Readers that send in their blog’s url might stand a chance to do a product review.
Terms & Conditions of this offer: This offer ends 1 week after my review of this product and sample delivery is usually about 4 – 6 weeks.

If you've tried this I'd love to hear, so leave your views below! And let me know if you nabbed yourself a free sample! Oh and I forgot to say, click here to check the product out.



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