Product of The Week: Virgin Vie Heavenly Hands Scrub

So this post seems a bit silly for summer, as dry hands are often something associated with winter. Unfortunately my hands have been so, so dry lately. I usually use just a bit of olive oil and sugar, but my Mum gave me this product the other day from a gift set. I've never tried any Virgin Vie products before so I had no idea how well they perform, but I have to say from using this product over the last week, I couldn't be more impressed!

You simply put a bit of the scrub onto dry skin and then rub, rub, rub!
My knuckles get seriously dry so I concentrated on this area.
Once you rinse the product off your hands your skin feels like absolute silk! I love it, although I still use a generous amount of hand cream. So there you go, a short and sweet late Thursday evening ramble. Do any of you use a hand scrub? And what's your favourite hand cream? I'm using up a Soap & Glory one...but I'm sort of indifferent about it. And if you wanted to try this product but can't find Virgin Vie. No.7 do one that's exactly the same and also great. Failing that, just use good ol' Olive oil and some sugar as I said above. Works magic :).



  1. ooh i may give the home-made thing a go!

    how is the eye bright benefit thing then? :)

  2. I love hand scrubs. My mum has a No 7 one i sometimes nick and i have a soap and glory one, i love how they make my hands feel. Soap and Glory hand food is actually my favourite hand cream.

  3. @ Kel- definitely give it a go! Oh and I love Eye Bright! It's absolutely my favourite out of the 3 freebies. It's fantastic in the waterline as it makes your eyes look really open and fresh. Love it :).

    @ Lillian Funny Face- Yes the No.7 is fab!! I love it. Lots of people say Hand Food is their favourite hand cream so I feel like I'm not using it right, haha.



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