OOTD: I Love Cameos!

This is from absolutely aaaaages ago and I was actually going to delete it but remembered I took a photo (admittedly RUBBISH, sorry for the mess!) because I absolutely adore this skirt that I got from Topshop a little while ago. It was also in a dress design and I was so desperate to get my hands on it but no luck. Sad, sad times! I would have much preferred the dress but the skirt is super cute too. It comes out quite a bit so you have to be careful how you wear it.

♥ Black Top- Topshop
♥ Skirt- Topshop
♥ Shoes- New Look

I also have this gorgeous cameo bracelet that I like to wear with this that I got from Miss Selfridge. Is anyone else obsessed with cameos, or just me?!


  1. I had the dress but sold it on ebay a while ago which I regret :/

    Still have the Topshop cameo silky camisole :)


  2. i am too!got so much jewellery with cameos!i don't know if its good or bad that they are everywhere now, before i could only get vintage ones from ebay and markets and stuff, now everyone can get them from miss selfridge!

  3. Oh i love that, i really wanted to get it but i had no money at the time it was around :( it looks lovely on you :)

  4. @ beautyandthebeast- awwww I would have bought it off you for sure!

    @ Sarah@blusherobsession- yeah it kind of sucks how easy they are to duplicate now, but the vintage ones are absolutely the best.

    @ Lillian Funny Face- I've seen a few on Evilbay, but they're probably selling it for twice the price!

    @ Fintia- cute indeed! :)



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