Favourites: June 2010

Ahhhhh it's nearly July! Insane! I completely forgot it was the end of the month until earlier, so you'll have to excuse the rather rushed and strange array of photos. But without rambling too much, here's what I've been loving in June...

1. Freedom @ Topshop Elephant Necklace
So a little while ago, I was browsing the Topshop website (which can be a daily activity!) and fell in love with this completely adorable little Elephant necklace. I kept leaving it and leaving it, convinced I couldn't justify the spend, but then of course it sold out. Sad times. Just the other day however, I found it in one of my locals, on its own, on a completely different jewellery stand. It's fate I tell you, totally meant to be ;). It's now become a favourite of mine, and my new lucky charm!
2. Cellnique Vital Repair Serum
So I was kindly sent this a little while ago and at the time of reviewing I liked it....but now I like it a lot. I think using it in this summer heat has been a real test as it doesn't clog my skin up or feel too heavy. It sinks in super quickly and just keeps my skin hydrated in this summer heat. Oh and the code: BGJUNE10 should get you 10% off this range but quick, ends today! 3. MAC 'French Cuff' Eyeshadow
I've been feeling super lazy lately, I've got to be honest. So for me, the easiest make up look to do in the morning is a slick of one gorgeous eyeshadow, and for summer the gorgeous pinky-coral-bronze tones to this shadow makes it so easy. I literally apply this all over the lid, with some Dipdown fluidline and mascara and I'm ready to go! The only thing I hate is the hard to work with lustre formula, but the shade more than makes up for it.
4. Miss Selfridge Jelly Shoes
I just did a post on these the other day, and love them or hate them, jelly shoes are back in! I used to love them as a kid and so wanted to revisit my childhood! I found these gorgeous clear glittery ones with a bow and thought they were perfect. I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them and they are super comfy surprisingly!
5. Cutie Dynamite Black Swarovski Crystals Sunglasses
I own quite a few pairs of sunglasses, but I've always favoured heart shaped frames as they just seem so kitsch and cute! This now reigns at the top of my sunglasses collection by being my absolute favourites. I mean just how gorgeous and sparkly are these cuties? Love, love, love them. Protecting your eyes seriously couldn't get any cuter! If you want some of your own click here. Cutie Dynamite is one of my favourite online shopping stops ever. If you pop by tell the gorgeous lady herself that Georgie says hi! Oh and excuse horrible photo, it was hot that day!
6. Accessorize Japanese Lady Hair Combs
Aren't these gorgeous? I think so. I have about 6 now, it's my latest thing to collect. They are just so pretty. I got these pretties in Accessorize just the other day, but I collect others from abroad. Sometimes you have to be careful because the lady is a sticker and can fray, but these seem painted to me.
7. Nubar 'Belize Coral' Nail Lacquer
So I just had to get this in before the end of the month because I couldn't wait another one! This nail polish is stunning, and you know how I love my pinks. This shade was kindly sent to me by Nubar earlier last week and I adore it. It will be my new summer colour and will come on holiday with me! 8. Topshop Mini Pink Straighteners
And here's another thing that will be coming away with me....the little mini pair of straighteners ever! I know Topshop have done these for a while, but I was waiting to find the pink ones and finally we met! They are so sweet and perfect for travel. Apparently these heat up to the same temperature as GHDs...this may either be good or bad!
9. Topshop Copy Dress?!
This one was of my finds at the Vintage Fair I went to last weekend. It's pretty much an exact copy of a Topshop design, but I found it on the floor for £12-14 (can't remember which!) looking sad in my size and looking for a new home! So happy to have it as I wanted the dress badly when Topshop released it.
10. Paris Hilton 'Can Can' Fragrance
Okay, so please don't judge me....but I got this for my birthday and I really, really like it! It's the perfect summer scent for me as it's sweet and a little fruity and lasts really well. It's my current everyday perfume and everyone around me loves it.

So that's what I've been loving in June. So what about you? Let me know below, or link me to your post!



  1. Such a cute selection os favourites! Let us know how the straighteners go!

  2. Thanks sweety! I defintely will, I'll review them in the next few days for everyone :)


  3. That's great! Thanks!
    And also thanks for following! Means a lot!

  4. You're welcome, I love your blog! :)


  5. I have some of those combs too! :) Did you get a matching mirror?

    Cute stuff esp the mini straighteners, I got a pink mini pair too for my holiday...I got the Lee Stafford mini set from Boots :)


  6. @ beautyandthebeast- they do matching mirrors?! I did not know about this, but I must check it out! Lee Stafford has that gorgeous cute mini hairdryer, curling tongs and straightners set doesn't he? Is that what you got?


  7. that necklace is sooo cute!

  8. The elephant necklace is so cute! And I really love the color of the MAC eyeshadow!

  9. @ Fintia- thank you sweety! Hope you had a good birthday!

    @ Rachel- aww thank you, it really is the cutest :).


  10. Hi there,

    Great blog! I really enjoyed it.

    Please have a look at mine too and if you like it I hope you follow me ;-)

    PS: I'll be having an amazing giveaway soon, stay tuned.

    See you soon.

  11. So many beautiful things!
    I'm in love with your glasses. haha'


  12. @ Eri- Thanks sweety. Your blog is great, I'm a follower xoxo.

    @ coralineblooms- thank you sweety!


  13. wow wow wow wow look at them sunglasses there adorable!you look fab in em! ♥


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