Fantastic Argan Oil Products, with a fantastic discount!

Hello gorgeous readers! This heat and summery weather leaves me feeling so lazy that I struggle to sit down at my laptop and surf the Internet and what not. Me + heat do not get on! As a result, I don't have a planned post for today but I was checking my emails the other day and I got a lovely email from a company called Zakia's Morocco. After reading my latest post about my new love for Argan Oil, they wanted to offer my lovely readers (so that's you!) and myself a special 30% discount off any of their products through June 21st 2010. So, so kind of them! I was browsing through their website, and wow, if you love Argan Oil, or if you're interested in trying it out you absolutely HAVE to go and check them out! As they said to me in my email, 'We promote 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil which is so very important when there are many, many companies selling Argan Oil, but indeed are mixed with other carrier oils, fragrances etc. We don't use Parabens, Silicon, Mineral Oil, PEG's nor test on animals. Pure and Natural is the cornerstone of our offering.' I really value the companies ethics, in a world dominated by so many companies claiming to be natural, and yet are not when you read the small print.

To visit their website simply click here, and to get your 30% off enter this code: goldilocksblog1 at the checkout. Simples! ;). So a huge thank you to Zakia's Morocco for such a lovely discount, and I hope if you do use it you fall in love with the wondrous Argan Oil too.

Hope you're all enjoying the summery weather!


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