Face The Facts with a £1 Sk:n Facial Screening Assessment

So I know a few people have posted about this already...but when I find something ingenious out I just want to keep spreading the word! So today I want to tell those that may not already know, that Sk:n, a UK leading Skin Clinic, has teamed up with the England Cricket team to highlight the dangers of sun over exposure with a £1 skin assessment, 100% of which will be donated to ‘The British Skin Foundation’. Yes, that's right, £1!!! I know, I know, that's incredible right? I can't quite believe it myself! The session is normally £25, and whilst that's not really that expensive, £1 is cheaper than transport home!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I do NOT tan, I have snow white skin and that the last thing I have on my mind this summer is a tan. BUT that doesn't mean I can just hide under a bit of SPF and forget about it, I have to REALLY take protecting my skin seriously. Two seconds in the sun minus SPF and I end up with the Lobster effect! The 'Face Facts' session is just what I need and consists of an in depth chat with a skin expert to ascertain skin type and skin care habits as well as a thorough assessment under a UV lamp which clearly shows existing sun damage and identifies any other problem areas or changes to the skin. Those with healthy skin are able to receive immediate reassurance, whilst anyone with abnormalities is immediately referred to a dermatologist for further investigation.

I'm so, so excited about this offer and I have booked my appointment earlier today. To get yours too, simply call 0800 028 7222 or visit Dermatologist for more information. I filled out the online form and within minutes got a phone call which I was super impressed with.
Also, Sk:n is offering a mole screening assessment at a price of £50, which is usually £99. If you are able go book any of these now, now, now! And please let me know if you do!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I got the bow and butterfly! Love them!! I blogged about it ;-)

  2. Awww so glad you got them okay!



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