REVIEW: Lime Crime 'Centrifuchsia' Lipstick

This is the first post I've ever done where I've actually felt really anxious about actually posting, because even make up faces its controversies sometimes! Yes, I am of course talking about the infamous Lime Crime brand created by blogger extraordinaire Doe Deere. Now, I had never really heard of this brand at all until I heard from my local Space NK about the launch. I mean, I had heard of Lime Crime, but to be honest I just thought it was another online mineral make up brand, and I just didn't really bother any further than that.

So before the launch the only thing I had read about were a few lipstick reviews, which I have to say, weren't 100% favourable. But I thought as I have such a lovely Space NK so near me, it would be best for me to go and check them out myself and thus discover my own experience. And also, it surprised me that Space NK would be introducing such a fun, colourful brand.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take any photos of the display or anything, but it was so, so pretty. I mean okay, the first thing to say about this collection, is that if you hate all things sparkly, mystical and Unicorn related you have been warned now: Do NOT go anywhere near this line! If however like me, you live for all of the above, then you absolutely have to go, just to admire the cuteness. So now I'll get on to my review. I want to just state at this point that although I had heard a few negative things about the lipsticks I chose to go with an open mind.

The Colour Range
Here are some sneaky swatches I did in store. Sorry some have smudged! Top Row L to R: Cosmopop, My Beautiful Rocket, No She Didn't, D' Lilac, Great Pink Planet. Bottom Row L to R: Retrofuturist, Centrifushsia, Airborne Unicorn, Styletto, Countessa Fluorescent.

The swatches have come out terribly in the shop lighting, but I have to say I was super impressed with the pigmentation. It really is heavy on those pigments, just as people had said! I decided on the shade 'Centrifuchsia', as it just seemed to me to be the most wearable, even though I do like my wacky colours, I didn't want to spend £14 on a blue lipstick that I would probably only wear once a year (Halloween, in case you're wondering ;) ).

So here's that cute as anything packaging. Top marks for this without a doubt, but again, like I said, if this is your thing! It's exactly the same size as a MAC lipstick in case you're wondering and thankfully that cute Unicorn is not a sticker, hoorah! Swatch in the best daylight I could find.
Here's the colour on dry lips, no lipbalm, lipliner or anything. I feel this is the real test for a lipstick! You'll have to excuse my awful lip swatches as I rarely do them! Photo actually washes first photo out, it's super fuschia in real life...
Now here's the lipstick with a lipgloss on top. It's actually MAC's 'Stop! Look' Dazzleglass. See what a difference it makes?
Same combination as above, but in a different lighting....

♥ CUTE packaging and good quality packaging.
♥ Fantastic pigmentation.
♥ Great staying power.
♥ Leaves a lovely rosey pink stain


♥ Feels drying
♥ Can stain your lips, which as you can see from my above point I like, but imagine the blue one staining...or the black...not a good office look!!!
♥ Smudges very, very easily and without a lip liner will feather. This isn't really a criticism of the product though, to be honest, I don't know many bright shades that would perform well without a lip liner.

Overall Thoughts
So would I buy another colour from the range? And how does it perform to other high end brands like MAC etc? Well in answer to the first question no...and why? Well because to answer the second question too, it doesn't quite feel like a high quality lipstick to me. I mean for £14 (which is more expensive than MAC) you expect a LOT and to be honest if this was under £10 then fair enough, but it's just too drying for me. I mean, it's not making them peel or anything, but I would absolutely have to wear a lip balm underneath or something. With a lipgloss on top it did feel so much more comfortable, and I actually think it makes it look a million times better. I don't dislike it like I thought I would though, in fact I actually like a lot about it, it's just that I have to compare it to lipsticks I use, and it's more like a Barry M quality than MAC. And that would be fine, because I love Barry M Lipsticks, but they're only about £4 and this is £10 more!!! My absolute top tip with these is to a) use a lipbalm (!!!), b) use a lip liner and c) use a lip brush. Seriously a lip brush is the only way to not make it streaky and go on evenly. Then again, I rarely apply such bright colours without a lip brush really.

I think these lipsticks are going to be fantastic for those looking for a truly out there colour that you can't get anywhere else....but if you just want to try a new lipstick...then this is probably not the range for you. If these were a bit more creamy, and had a better balance between high pigmentation and moisturisation, then I think it would be a winner, but the formula and price overall need a re-think.

Sorry for the epic long post, I get carried away! You're probably all wondering now whether I have now checked out the Lime Crime drama...well, yes and no. I've read bits through Temptalia, but to be honest...I'm not a fan of dramas...and there's so much out there that I don't even know where to start. What I do want to know is what YOU, my gorgeous followers think about this launch. Please tell me below!

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  1. Great post I was super excited when I heard Space NK was going to be stocking these but its slightly worn off me now lol I still havnt called in store to have a peek if & when I do I probably wont be purchasing I do love the cute packaging though haha x

  2. I think this is a very good review. I've just reviewed some of the colours on my blog and found them very dry and hard to work with and oddly the purple colours also stain pink.

  3. Great review sweetie! :) I have one of the lispticks and personally love them! My review is here is you haven't read it already (with a very adorable guest blgger)! xoxo

  4. love the packaging and the colors :)
    I just discovered your blog and it's very interesting ^^

  5. @ Juicygirl- Yeah the packaging is the best bit! ;)

    @ Lillian Funny Face- how odd the purple stains pink too....if it did that for all of them that's better than blue or whatever at least, haha. Loved your review on them too by the way! Your blog is great.

    @ The Fashion Teller- Yes I saw your review, it was the cutest thing EVER, I loved it!!! :).

    @ Liloo- awwwww thank you for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoy!

    @ Fintia- you're very welcome :)


  6. I love the purple packaging but not sure about some of the colours. The lipstick you're wearing looks gorgeous though, especially with some gloss on top x

  7. @ Peonies & Lilies- I think a gloss makes it- don't think I could wear it alone, just doesn't work for me!


  8. I love Centrifuschia, love how it stains as it means the colour stays for longer, I also love this lipstick as a cheek tint as the texture means it blends really nicely into the skin.


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