NOTD: Nails Inc Diet Coke 'New York'

I'm a little embarrassed to put this up...but I wanted to, because it's about an amazing offer! But embarrassed wise, my cuticles are suffering! They're very dry so I need to get some more of LUSH's 'Lemony Flutter', as it works miracles for me.

But anyway, here's a half NOTD for you! And what is this amazing offer I speak of? Well, the infamous drink Diet Coke has teamed up with Nails Inc and Boots so that with a purchase of 2x 500ml bottles, you get a FREE Nails Inc Nail Polish, which are worth about £10 I think, so this is a crazy-amazing deal!!! I love how in-fashion Coca Cola is right now...teaming up with Nails Inc, Lady Gaga's Telephone video, and Karl Lagerfeld's bottle design!

You can pick one of 4 shades:

Left to right: London, Paris, New York and Milan
Oh and I should just add that if you've been to Boots and can't find them, they're right by the tills. I mistakenly went to the food section. But isn't this an amazing deal? As far as I know the deal runs until 30th June 2010, but whilst stocks last.

So are you going to be a geek like me and get them all?! I may have to be as although I hate Diet (or regular!) Coke, I have an army of friends and family members lined up to help aid my beauty needs, haha. I mean, I have a love and hate relationship with Nails Inc. The colours are gorgeous, but the formula is too unpredictable. One shade is amazing, the other a disaster. I'd never really want to fork out a whole £10 for a bottle, so this is perfect! Interestingly enough, this shade applied okay, but I'll let you know the results of the others!



  1. Thanks for the tip! I HATE diet coke, but I'm getting the pink you've got and the taupey colour anyway :D

  2. Wow such a gorgeous colour, you may just have tempted me to buy some coke x

  3. this looks yummy on you! xxx

  4. That shade looks lovely on you :)

    I agree about the formulation, I only have one nails inc polish (which funnily enough was a freebie) and find it goes on really streaky and yuck!

    I may just get some as I do love Diet Coke :)


  5. Cool nail colours!

  6. I heard about these but this is the first on-the-nail image I've seen! thanks for posting


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