First Impressions: Girls Aloud Festival False Eyelashes

So a little while ago I posted about the new Girls Aloud Festival Eyelashes, a follow up to their current Eylure more natural collection. You may have noticed by now that I am an eyelash fiend! If I'm doing a special make up look, I feel really naked without them! I've tried tons of different brands but I've always loved Eylure.

I haven't actually worn any of these new lashes, but I thought I'd take photos of them before I use them, as I'm really messy with lashes! Hope this helps you to see the detail a bit better than you would normally.


Nadine may be the member everyone thinks will split Girls Aloud up, but her eyelashes are probably my favourite of the bunch! The little crystal detail would work with so many looks, and it's not too OTT.


I never really liked Cheryl's original lash design she did for the main range, and these to me seem to be the same shape. Very spiky lashes really don't suit me, but these would look stunning againist golden looks.


Love this design, but it's not that original! Definitely the most natural out of the bunch though. Kimberly's main lashes from the original collection are my absolute favourites, and I think after Nadine's these may be favourites from this range too. So pretty and fluttery, it'll go with countless looks.

Nicola's lashes seem exactly the same as Cheryl's to me, except they're silver glitter and not gold! I love how you get two for one though, and I'm going to wear the underneath pair as bottom lashes. I think like Cheryl's, they're quite spiky, but they would go with a lot of looks...maybe not day-to-day though! Oh, and I don't know if you can see, but on the right eyelash there's a sweet tiny silver butterfly. Such a gorgeous finishing touch!

Sarah Last of all, we have Sarah's, which are a pretty mix of red and black, with a criss-cross pattern. These are a bit meh, definitely my least favourites, but I think with the right look they'd look quite stunning in their own right.

So any other false eyelash addicts out there who picked these up too? Let me know what you think of them, I'll incorporate them into future looks for sure.



  1. I want Nicolas so bad! I love the original set, espially Cheryls - I do like the spiky look!

  2. I think Nicola's are my favourite, the way you get lower lashes too makes me happy :P I like Cheryls too.

  3. I saw them in Boots the other day I loved Nadine's lashes! Cheryl's were completly sold out so never got to see them but quite like them :) xx

  4. Oooh, I also forgot to mention that you can get the feather lashes in Primark for £2. The shape isn't as angled but meh.

  5. Nadines ones are definately the nicest :)

  6. I'm not sure I've got anywhere to wear these! But I think Cheryl's might be my favourite. Unlike the main line, I hate her original ones!

  7. do you know where i can still get these? i'm looking for the whole set! ;)

    1. Oooh I'm not sure I'm afraid, but maybe on ebay?xoxo


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