Favourites: May 2010

Evening! So I actually started this post yesterday, but it will probably come up as the 1st of June. I'm not sure. But I have this weird thing that my end of month favourites must always be done on the last day of the month...I'm weird like that! haha. Anyway, enough ramble, here they are!
1. Dianne Brill 'Peekaboo Lace' Eyeshadow
I've done a really lengthy OTT review of this nearly a year ago when I first started blogging, and I'm still just as much in love! Lately I've been neglecting it, so I showed it some love by using it in a look I did the other night. It really is so stunning. It's the most unique eyeshadow I've ever, ever seen....and I have seen a ton! It's a pink with peach and gold sparkle. Gorgeous! I must do a look just dedicated to it and post. Oh actually, I guess if it could be compared to another make up item it would be MAC's Lollipop Lovin. If you love that, you'll love this!
2. China Glaze 'Strawberry Fields' Nail Polish
So as always I've had a month obsessed with nail polish. I think I may have mentioned this last month, but meh, it can go here now too! I think it honestly may be my favourite polish of all time, or at least top 5. It's a stunning hot Barbie pink with gold shimmer. So, so beautiful, and it's the perfect summer colour...when the weather is nice!
3. Models Own 'Pastel Pink' Nail PolishSo the Models Own buzz has been around for a while, but I have only really just catched on, and so far have found two fabulous new pastel shades! You may know that I have been absolutely obsessed with pastels lately, and this pretty pink may not be entirely original, but it sure is the most prettiest milkshade esque (my lovely readers and I came to this conclusion in the comments!) shade you can get. Love it!
4. Nubar 'Lemon Sorbet' Nail Polish
When I heard Barry M were releasing an Ice Cream inspired collection I was so excited, but unfortunately the lemon shade that I had been searching for just wasn't it. Thankfully, Nubar came to the rescue with their perfect pastel lemon shade. It's such a fun colour and everyone around me smiles when I wear it. I highly recommend this if you're looking for the perfect lemon pastel shade.
5. Nubar 'Baby Blue' Nail Polish
Another nail polish, I know...but I did warn you there would be a lot ;). Nubar kindly sent me this shade a little while ago and it completed my pastel shade addiction. I now have pretty much every pastel shade I could dream of. This is the most stunning baby blue. The formula is the best from Nubar that I've tried so far, and even better than my pale OPI shades. If you want a pastel shades out of all the above I've mentioned then this is my must have.
6. Organix Coconut Milk Rapid Repair Hair Treatment
Another of my little beauty addictions is to find an incredible hair treatment. I have long hair that although should have been properly cut months ago, doesn't want to grow, so I spend ridiculous amounts of energy persuading it to be as healthy as it can be! My latest find was this coconut conditioner and I'm in love. I did a post with a before and after a few weeks ago, so if you haven't, go and check that out and you can see quite clearly the difference it made to my hair. I absolutely adore it, and the smell is divine. I've been using it most this month but still haven't used it all up, so you get a lot for your money.
7. Argan OilEvery single day there's a new product that is being heralded as the latest wonder product, and although I don't buy into the majority, sometimes if it's something which is a natural alternative, then I'm always sucked in! This month it's Argan Oil I've been obsessing with. I won't talk about it in detail now, but quite simply, it's really, really good.
8. Topshop Make UpOkay, so I know I'm cheating a little, but I couldn't pick just one must have because this whole launch has been amazing. My favourite high-street chain launches a make up range and it's perfection. Absolutely love it!
9. Harajuku Lovers 'G' PerfumeThis is currently my summer fragrance of the moment. I've done a review of it before and it smells amazing. Very coconutty and with notes of lime, it's not for those who hate sickly sweet scents, but if you do then this is perfect for holidays. This is G in her limited edition winter get up that I picked up at Christmas.
10. Something for comedic value...
I just had to put this non-beauty related item in, because it makes me laugh! This is a regular resident...or as we lovingly name him/her...'Squirrel'! I know top marks for originality, but it's just become natural to us! haha. Said Squirrel comes in every single day to attack the bird feeders which he knows he can't get much out of but never gives up. We used to keep them on the tree but he gnawed through the branch and both him and the feeders had a nasty fall. He's also successfully run off with a fat ball which my Nana likes to give to the be eds in the winter months. That was quite a mission for him....and he couldn't make a quick getaway with it! haha. So yes, he's unbelievably annoying, but incredibly cute and we've come to find his antics very endearing now!

So that's what I've been loving in May. I'd love to know what you've been raving about for the past month so feel free to tell me below!



  1. Lovely faves!:D I'm loving my China Glaze polishes this May!:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Yay squirrel! I must try and find models own... I swear West London has something against the brand!

  3. Hey, I got back to you about the bow I won.. did you get my email? ;-)

  4. Ohhh i wish i could try the topshop makeup! Our topshop doesnt stock it though :(

  5. I really want to try the purple glitter from the topshop range xx

  6. I am loving favourite posts lately! I still need to order Strawberry Fields! It's seems perfect for summer! I think the packaging of Nubar looks awesome. xx

  7. @ Marie- same, China Glaze is amazing :)

    @ Eden Blue- hehe, yeah he's so cute! Have you tried River Island or you can buy them online...I think?!

    @ Fintia- I emailed you the other day my lovely :)

    @ Superficialgirl- You can buy the Topshop make up online, that's where I got mine!

    @ Carrsky- you should definitely get it, it's so pretty!

    @ Pyxiee- yes you absolutely need it! And I love the Nubar packaging, the handle is nice to use, if that makes sense!



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