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Evening everyone! So I was just uploading some stuff to my Etsy tonight and realised that I have been selling now for just about a month now. I have no idea where the time has gone! I've been selling my designs locally for a while now but I made by online debut in late March. I've had such amazing feedback from you all and I'm so thankful to you all, it really does mean such a lot.

So then I was thinking of a way I could thank you all. Well, even though I would love to, my budget unfortunately does not stretch to give away hundreds of free bows (I wish!). BUT for one lucky person, I am giving away a CUSTOM free bow, and also some of my favourite beauty products of the moment. So whoever wins will get to tell me exactly what sort of hair bow they would like and then I will do my best to design it for you! If you're not sure what kind of things I do then here are a few examples. To see more visit my shop here.

In addition to a custom bow, the 1st place winner will also win the additional goodies...

♥ To enter my giveaway then simply leave a comment below telling me what sort of hair bow you would like. It can be anything from Cupcakes to Hello Kitty to Cats to Cars! You will also need to say what sort of ribbon you would like, and the colours you like etc. Please also leave your email address so I can email you if you win. I will also send you sample photos of your bow's progress to this address! Please only enter below once.
♥ For an extra 3 entries then please follow my shop on Twitter or Facebook, or both! If you do this step then please let me know in the comments below.
♥ Before entering this giveaway please make sure you are a follower of my blog, because this is a present for you!
♥ Giveaway is international, so as long as your country accepts packages from the UK then you're in!
♥ Must be over 18 or have parent's permission as I'll need your address to sent your goodies!
♥ Due to popular demand I will be having runner up prizes for this giveaway! There will be 3 runner up prizes, and each will win a butterfly clip for spring! The winner of the custom bow/beauty bits, and the runners up will be chosen at good 'ol

So that's it my pretties. If you have questions then please email me, don't leave them below, as this is strictly just for giveaway entries. I think I'll hold this giveaway for a few weeks so the deadline is Sunday 22nd May 2010 00:00 GMT. Good luck everyone and I'm so excited to be able to create something really special and unique for one of you! Thank you again so much for your support! ♥



  1. This is so cuteee! I'm following your twitter and facebook pages ♥

    I would love a nautical themed bow with navy blue and white ribbon and a little anchor in the middle maybe.

    my email is


  2. Hey girl~ (: I'm following your twitter page!

    That Hello Kitty ribbon is amazing and just perfect. But another design may be AH (my initials) with pink and black ribbons

    My email is

  3. Hi!I am a follower! I would like a navy blue and white ribbon with a music sign in the middle or a lipstick or something makeup related :-)


  4. What a lovely giveaway. I'm following your twitter page as well.

    I'd love a spotty lilac and plain pink ribbon hairbow with a lipstick or another make up related design in the middle x

  5. I only just discovered your blog but I love it!
    Once I have this comment posted I will follow you on twitter (Hobbity_Lou)!

    I'd love a ribbon that looks fantastic again my haircolour (auburn/copper) so I'd love something with green(ish) ribbons or teal, turqouise...

    This is such a cool giveaway!

  6. Oh my goodness I love love love your wee russian doll and daisy hair clips haha..just had to tell you :)

    To be honest..I love nautical/ vintage themes, but having looked at the ones you already have, I really like the princess ribbon and crown one :) ..what can I say!

    Following you on Facebook and Twitter! (naughtynautical)

    Genuinely excited haha

    :) xx

  7. I would like a dark pink and white striped bow with a rabbit/guinea pig/hamster in the middle :)

    Im following your shop on Twitter too :)

    My email is:

  8. WOW amazing prizes! Your bows are so cute :)

    I think if I was lucky enough to win I'd choose a Marie Antoinette inspired bow, with a cameo in the center. I think maybe pastel ribbon, blue and pink, perhaps lemon would look gorgeous :) Maybe a little feather or lace thrown into the mix ;)

    I'm following your store on twitter, I'm @LadyDangerRach.
    Thanks hun!

  9. thank you for this giveaway ^ ^

    i would like my bow simple with button in the middle and a combination of light pink and brown.

    my e-mail add:

  10. I'd loooove to enter! I have bright red hair, so I'd love something black. Anything Hello Kitty or make-up related would be so amazing! Just to have something unique for me would like, make my year!

    My email is Good luck ladies! :)

  11. I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time now and I would love to win a custom bow from you!

    I would like a bow with Hello Kitty on there with pink, white, and white polka-dotted lace, please!


    <33 Rena

  12. i love these bows! i would love a hello kitty or a cupcake bow with pink & black ribbon :)

    am following your twitter now lovely.


  13. Hiya, id love to enter :) I am of course one of your followers.

    Id like the bright pink HK bow:

    My email address is

    Thanks, Marina xo

  14. elloww..
    i would love a pastel green and pastel pink one with a candy/cupcake thing on it :D <3

    my email address is:

  15. I would love to see a cream lace bow with a cream and nude pink rose in the middle and a little gold swallow floating above it <3


  16. Ooh! Wow you are really creative! I LOVE your work! :)

    I'd LOVE one with black grosgrain ribbon, white grosgrain ribbon, and something like a skull and crossbones in the middle (haha, I know I'm weird like that) :P And I really like the idea of putting in some lace in there too...Like maybe substituting one of the ribbons with lace.

    And, I'm now following you on twitter :)

    musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

  17. Great giveaway! I would love a grey and purple ribbon with a white rose in the middle! xx

  18. So lovely ribbons!!! I´ve discovered your blog days ago and I´m totally in love with this giveaway...

    I would love a purple and black or purple and pink ribbon with a chesire cat (if possible)or a black cat ^^

    my e-mail is

    Following you in twitter too

  19. Enter me please :) If i won i would love a bow with a skull in the middle with either polka dot or animal print ribbon with a black/pink theme- something punky but cute x

  20. Please enter me! I am following your twitter :)
    My perfect bow would be a sailor bow, in red, white or navy )or even better a stripey ribbon in those colours!) with a golden middle (possibly with an anchor or ships wheel) :D
    My email is:

  21. Those are such cute bows!

    I would like a light greenish color themed bow with a cute tiger face in the middle :)

    My e-mail is

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  22. Hey...first time on your blog

    liked it

    please do check mine


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