REVIEW: Sleek I-Divine Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette

Hi my lovelies! So's THE Bohemian palette...and I know you've seen this review a million times I thought I'd do a look to go with it (even had my hair planned!) but it all went out the window due to various stuff. Oh and that's the plan that went out the window, not the palette ;), hehe. Soooo unfortunately all I have today is a look inside the palette and some swatches. I'm sorry for being such a disappointment lately!

So I'll try to go through my main thoughts one-by-one. So let's start with the outer packaging- well, simply one word- amazing! Seriously, seriously impressed with the gorgeous artwork it's really beautiful and sums the palette up perfectly. A huge thank you to Sleek for ditching those plastic packaging things- wasn't a fan at all- this new cardboard artwork masterpiece is definitely the way to go! But as you reach inside to take your palette out you're greeted with.....
Whiteness!!! I know this has been discussed at great lengths in the beauty community, and it's very much a 'love it or hate it' thing...but I HATE it. Just no. I really, really don't like it. I mean I guess it makes it stand out a little more compared to the other palettes, and I'll be the first to admit that I often reach for the wrong palette in the morning, but to me it just looks cheap. I don't like how you can't see the writing clearly on the front, and to be honest it gives me a bit of a headache!!! But I guess it kind of works well for a Bohemian theme, in so much that it gives a stripped down element. I'm still hoping Sleek don't do this again though!

But thankfully once you open the palette, the inside is beautiful, and I guess you shouldn't judge anything from the outside huh? ;). The palette is packed full of glimmering metallic shades (to the left), but mostly intense matte tones. Oh and of course, it comes with that useless little brush, but I can ignore it quite easily! ;).
So here's a close up of the colours on the left. They all have no names, but the wonderful Lipglossiping came up with some rather ingenious selections, and I love her for it! Each of these shades applies wonderfully, apart from the deep cranberry shade, seen here 3rd on the left, top row. I had to build that colour up in my swatches to get it to show brilliantly. This a matte though, so I kind of expected it.
This little selection on the right are all mattes, and brilliant they are too! Seriously impressed, because as some of you may know from my last Sleek palette review, I wasn't crazy about the mattes in relation to texture and pigmentation. These however, incredible.
So here are my swatches. On top, is the top row, and underneath the bottom row. My swatches are done with NO base and used vary lightly with my finger. Just look at the pigmentation on those mattes, amazing, they even tower above the shimmers a little more this time around!
So overall I do absolutely love this palette. I mean okay, so I hate the white packaging, but fundamentally the product itself, that being the eyeshadows, are incredible. I mean for £4.99 it's simply amazing just how top-quality these eyeshadows are. They apply like a dream and it's so hard, at least for me, to find really good matte eyeshadows. They're really buttery...if that makes sense?! So yes, well done Sleek, but please can we have the normal black palettes next time? Thank you ;). Let me know your views, and a look will hopefully be up soon!



  1. Yup they really are intense! :)


  2. Wow love the colours !
    I think I might have to hurry to superdrug and get one of those babies before they all go :) x~

  3. Love the colours and love sleek to be honest. Only have one problem with this palette....why is it white! It's going to look odd now with my other sleek palettes :( Thanks for the swatches hun! x

  4. The colour of the shadows look so pretty but the white packaging reminds me of the paint mixing trays that we used at school lol

  5. @ Raspberry Kiss- Yes go quick, this palette is definitely a must have!

    @ Kelly/PlaneBeauty- Yep, yep I'm EXACTLY the same. The white is ugh! Oh and you're welcome!

    @ Gemma- LOL SO true! That's what I was thinking actually. So glad I'm not alone in this thought ;)


  6. Oh my look at those bright colours =o
    imagine what you could do with them (:


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