REVIEW: Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisture

So last month I picked this Neal Yard's moisturiser as a freebie with Marie Claire magazine, total bargain, as it's worth £10.50 for 50ml! I've actually never tried Neal Yard's before...I guess because I've always viewed them as a luxury skincare brand and I never got round to testing their stuff.

Here's what Neal Yard's claim it will do:

This lightweight, easily absorbed daily moisturising lotion containing antioxidant-rich acai, bilberry, goji berry and rosehip, supports the skin with hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture levels, whilst a synergistic combination of buddleia and thyme, containing antioxidant flavonoids, and anti-inflammatory saponins and triterpenoids, acts as an anti pollutant to help combat ‘city stress’ and promote skin
radiance and vitality.
And does it leave up to these claims? Well I have to say, I was totally skeptical about this product. I'm not sure why- I guess I just thought that it wouldn't be right for my skin type- and my skin hates flips out! This however is totally different. I have been applying it every single night for the last few days and I've had really quite amazing results. I suppose at this point I should once again just state my skin type. Well, my skin is complex, but to keep things simple, I guess it's sensitive/combination. For the first time in ages I can actually feel the benefits of a facial moisturiser and can actually feel myself ticking off in my mind it's claims...because for me it does them all!

Since I have been using this product my skin is so much softer. I think that shows it's absorbing it nicely, and that my skin is drinking it up! Secondly, my skin is naturally very red (due to the sensitivity/rosacea) but this really does clear it up. I'm honestly shocked as nothing ever works for that, but this really does seem to calm my redness down, even getting rid of a mini breakout too! Here's a little look at the ingredients. For a natural cosmetics freak like me it reads like a dream:
Packed full of lovely things, and thankfully my skin only reacts well to natural ingredients, and so I'm really excited now to try other things from the Neal Yard's range. The ONLY thing I don't like? It's really runny! Every time I use it it comes out with way too much then I actually need, so I feel like I'm wasting some of it. I mean, it's free anyway so not a big deal, but I would be a tad annoyed had I spend £10.50 on it! Can't really illustrate my point, but this is what it looks like after I applied some:
Overall however, total love! And I know it's meant to be a day time cream, but I'd never wear this in the day time because it doesn't have an SPF. If you're into natural skincare then I would definitely recommend checking this moisturiser out but please be aware that we all have different skin types so if you can try and grab a sample and see how it works for you. If you got it free in Marie Claire, or use a lot of Neal Yard's anyway, I'd love to hear your views!



  1. i got it free with the magazine too - got a back up as well since it was such a good deal :) im still deciding how i feel about it though..

  2. This sounds really nice! Hope my whs still has copies of marie claire left when i go in later, i want a free sample!!

  3. I got this too.. I dont feel it did anything for me, I felt it wasn't right for my v oily/spot prone skin.. And yet I still ended up placing an order for other Neals Yard skincare (on Boot's 3 for 2!).. Ive not yet began trying it out, so who knows! Im glad you liked it though :)

  4. Glad you found such a good product for your skin. I started using their Orange Flower Facial Oil before bed last year, it is amazing stuff. It is the first non-Lush skincare I have used regularly in years. I use it under my moisturiser if it's been a dry day, or on its own if not.
    My local Neal's Yard shop are really lovely, too - I always get samples when I go in, even if I'm not buying anything.

  5. Sorry to hear some of you haven't had amazing results with it. I think it's one of those products that wouldn't work well on oily skin? My skin drinks it up, because even though I have an oily t-zone the rest of my skin is reeeeally dry and dehydrated!

    @ Sally- that's great your local gives you samples! I too have always used LUSH skincare so it's interesting to try something new, glad you're a Neal Yard's fan too :).



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