REVIEW & HOW TO: Miss Selfridge Temporary Tattoos

 Ilove Miss Selfridge lately. Some branches are pretty meh but my local is amazing and always has the best stuff. Currently there is a 25% discount on the Diva Jewellery range, but I also found myself being sucked into these little beauties. Now, if you're in your late teens and early 20s you may be very familiar with temporary tattoos...or perhaps everyone does...but when I was growing up all the Girl's magazines had temporary tattoos as freebies. Everyone from Mizz, J-17...they were all doing it! But lately I haven't seen as many of these. They certainly don't seem to give them away with magazines like they used to, but I think I saw some in Claire's Accessories fairly recently.

Anyhoo, normally this is the kind of thing I would completely ignore, but they were glittery and butterflies, so the child in me made me think that I absolutely needed them in my life. Of course on reflection, I don't, but I don't regret getting them as they're so cute and I will be wearing them on holiday etc. At least that's what I keep telling myself ;). I thought as I did get them, and for those who have no idea what temporary tattoos are, I'd do a mini how-to. I realise that this may sound totally patronising to most, I'm sure you all know how they work, but for those that don't, I hope it's of some interest! I'm also doing this how-to so I can easily review them.

First pick which design you like and then cut it out. Doesn't have to be neat at all. I'm going for the little blue butterfly in the bottom right corner. I love blue at the moment :).
This is what it looks like cut out. You can see how it doesn't have to be neat at all! This is not an activity to practise precision! Oh and sorry about disgusting chipped nail base. I hadn't decided on a nail colour! Also with your butterfly, make sure you peel off the clear film on top.
Then I wet a flannel in warm water. They say to use a sponge but I didn't have one to hand. I like to use warm water because obviously it's a lot more pleasant than freezing cold water on bare skin!
You then put the butterfly side down on the skin where you want it and place the wet flannel on it directly for 10-20 seconds. I'm wearing this on the top of my arm.
The wetter the flannel the better. You want the back paper to look see through. That's when you know it's done, and then you carefully peel the paper away from the skin.
And Ta-Da! You're left with a cute butterfly!
Cute, right? I really like these tattoos. They feel really secure on the skin, if that makes sense. Like, I know they won't rub off in five minutes. I've had this problem in the past! The only thing I wish it did was show up more of the glitter. That's a little disappointing. I'm interested to see how long these wear, as I only applied it a few hours ago! I remember how much I love these temporary tattoos now as I was never interested in getting a real one. A- I'm a wimp and B- I'm way too fickle! So what do you think of temporary tattoos? Tacky or cute? Let me know below!


  1. I loved temp tattoo when I was a kid. You used to get them with sweets too! I so wanna get these to relive my childhood, they look so cute

  2. These butterfly tattoos are totally made for you! :) And I actually feel like getting some now. I havent worn a temp tattoo in more than a decade! How much did the pack cost?? xx I'm loving Miss Selfridge too! :)

  3. I think its really cute :) Ill deffo keep an eye out for them next time im shopping :)

  4. I think its cute, but the 30 yr old in me (ie the fact I wouldnt be able to carry it off!) makes me want to say tacky, tacky for me.. (Sorry). On someone else though I think they could look pretty cute! :0/
    The chanel tattoos however, those are cute all the way! :)

  5. Hi Georgie (is it? :0/), I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sweet Blogger Award.. Because I think you are a little sweetie (of course!)!

  6. @ Princess Livia- haha, totally made for me you're right! I think they were about £3. :) xoxo.

    @ Nicki- I totally understand! I mean when I got them home I did look at them and think 'what were you thinking' but it's fun to revisit your childhood, hehe. Oh and thank you so much for the award, that's so sweet of you! xoxo


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