NOTD: MAC Liberty of London 'Blue India' Nail Lacquer

Evening gorgeous guys and dolls. I'm slightly embarrassed to put this this is most definitely the worse NOTD I have ever put up. Not in terms of colour, because as you'll see soon, I'm in love, but more to do with application! I was in a rush applying and it's taken the day after with a camera that desperately needed charging! OPPS!

So with that now out of the way, then let me tell you all that yes this is the newest nail polish from MAC Cosmestic's gorgeous new Liberty of London collection, which was recently released here in the UK. There was also a white shade but I just wasn't bothered about that. MAC describe this as a 'dark blue green with pearl', but to me it's more glossy. In fact, so much so that getting a decent photo was incredibly hard work. The colour reminds me pretty much of MAC's Teal pigment, but with a lot more blue undertones. I really, really love it. It's a really unique shade, and seems well thought out, rather than a rush decision on a nail polish shade, which I feel MAC sometimes do with their limited polishes.

The packaging is stunning. From my knowledge on past MAC collections, I think this is the second patterned polish since Hello Kitty? It's hard to compare the two- since they're so different- but I love the whimsical nature to this one. For all you art lovers out there (I'm a total art geek!), then you may be interested to know that the design of this polish is based on William Morris' 'Strawberry Thief' textile design (see below).
I love how the design also spreads to the packaging too. Some may think it's OTT but it captures the collection idea perfectly, and that little bird is so cute!
Even inside the box has not been ignored!
So there you go, a NOTD and a mini review. Hope you liked it! If you get one thing from the Liberty collection then definitely consider this. I know a lot of people aren't fans of MAC's polishes, but I don't have too much trouble...but it'll definitely need two coats. Let me know as always your views!


  1. I think your application is fine (: I can't see any unevenness~
    dont sweat it lol

  2. You do see some awfully applied NOTD's that can make me cringe but your application looks fine to me :)

  3. Thank you both so much girlies! It mostly looks shabby because it's been on a while and normally I like to take fresh NOTDs! Very pretty shade though, just isn't lasting that long for me. Boo!



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