NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint #307 'Lemon Ice Cream'

So a little while ago Barry M released the information for their Spring Ice Cream shades inspired collection. When I saw the press photos I was so excited as I adore pastel shades, and I've been after a pale lemon yellow for ages now. And the promo image (shown below) was so good that it really did make me think that these were good enough to eat. Then again, I do suffer with mild synaesthesia!

So anyway there were 5 shades released, but Mint Green is part of the regular collection. I decided on 'Lemon Ice Cream' because I've been lemming (lemming...get it? I'm sorry, I should stop the word play puns!) for a pretty pastel lemon shade forever now. In the bottle it looks stunning- a very simple pastel creamy yellow. So I excitedly got it home but unfortunately it's not quite what I'm after...

The formula is really different to my other Barry M shades in that it was extremely difficult to apply (which I think shows from my photos) and it was very thick and challenging to create an even coverage. Colour wise, very pretty, but not quite the pastel shade I was after. It's a bit too bright- canary yellow for me in some lightings and I wanted the bottle colour! Overall it's okay, but I'm still on the hunt for that perfect shade. And by the way, I think this sort of colour is stunning on everyone! I'm thinking of getting a Nubar or China Glaze pastel lemon shade. Does anyone have any recommendations? And to those who have checked out this latest Barry M collection, what do you think? Oh and just one more observation before I end this post; for some reason this shade is called 'Pale Yellow' in Superdrug and 'Lemon Ice Cream' in Boots. Weird?! Do I have the wrong colour? The number for both were 307. Let me know if anyone else has noticed this! Talk soon pretties.

Here's a close up:Promo Image:
Nail Paint Shades Left to Right (L-R): np309 - Strawberry Ice Cream, np304 – Mint Green, np308 – Berry Ice Cream, np307 – Lemon Ice Cream and np306 Blueberry Ice Cream.

Image Credit: Here.


  1. I think it suits your petite nails :)

    I have the mint green one and I HATE it! It takes 4 coats to get it looking opaque :/

    The ORLY pastel shades look way better so I think ill be trying those next :)


  2. Ive really gone off Barry M lip paints *sad times* Models Own have the best pale lemon shade its gorgeous I think you would love it xox

  3. I really don't like Barry M Nail paints i have bought 4 now including 3 from this range and they really dont suit me at all so i don't think i will buy anymore -17 have a new candy collection range and it has a lemon colour their which sounds like it could be what you after, just click here it has a swatch but it is a very light pastel coloured yellow.

  4. I have 2 pastel yellow polishes, China Glaze Lemon Fizz and Models Own Lemon Meringue. The Models own one is paler but both are very pretty and apply easily in my opinion :)

  5. "Lip paints" doh I meant nail paints lol

  6. I had the exact same problem with applying mine and I got the pink one too and had the same problem with that as well. Have since purchased the lilac colour but I haven't tried it out yet. I got the yellow one from Boots 17 and that's pretty crap too if I'm honest. I'm waiting to get the really pastel yellow one from China Glaze, I think it's part of the Up and Away collection :)

    Kelly x

  7. That yellow IS pretty but like you, its not quite what im after. I havent actually bought any of the 'ice cream' nail paints yet and the more swatches i see of them the more i think i wont because they dont seem that pastel to me. Even though i really like the old Mint Green...

    There is a shade by China Glaze called 'Lemon Fizz' that looks more suitable for pastel yellow nails, you should google for images. I think im going to save my money for that x

  8. I was going to buy the yellow one yesterday along with the lilac one but decided agaisnt it - glad I did now :) xo

  9. i left you a comment on my site :) and i wanted to know if you have a link badge for your blog i can put up? :) thanks so much again!

  10. @ beautyandthebeast- thank you! It's weird, I actually really like Mint Green, but since then, I just can't get Barry M shades to work for me. I'll look into Orly, thanks!

    @ Juicygirl- I see my Boots now has a Models Own counter so I'll definitely check that shade out, thank you lovely!

    @ Jody- glad it's not just me! Thank you so much for posting that link, I'm definitely going to check it out!

    @ Lillian Funny Face- Those are two I really want to try, particularly China Glaze!

    @ Viva La Fashion- yeah you're right, it's a real sunshine shade, not really pastel at all!

    @ Kelly- it's sad we've all not got on with Barry M nail paints lately, because their so cheap! Excited to try China Glaze, thank you :).

    @ Katie- you definitely made the right choice, and saved your money!!!

    @ PetSugar- thanks so much sweety, have replied, thank you so, so much for linking me! So sweet of you.



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