NEW: Girls Aloud Festival Eyelashes

So I was in Superdrug the other day (tis my second home, see) browsing through the false eyelashes section when I noticed that under the normal Girls Aloud lashes, they had something that said 'Girls Aloud Festival Lashes'. There was no stock there, so I wasn't sure what it was, so when I got home I looked on the Superdrug website and wow, just wow!

So you'll probably be familiar already with the main set of Girls Aloud eyelashes that were released by Eylure earlier last year. I absolutely love them, and since their release have been back for several more. So imagine my delight when I went to Superdrug's website and see that these new Festival lashes are completely theatrical and mini pieces of art! So different from their main release, which is more for evening and daytime looks, the Festival range is a total contrast. Ranging from Sarah's red and black mix, to Cheryl's glittering golden tips, these eyelashes are so beautiful. Even better, they're not hideously expensive, at £6.50 which includes a free lanyard...not that that entices me to buy but anyway, good to know I guess ;).

I really can't pick my favourite, I guess at a push it would be either Nadine or Nicola, because I'm loving the multi-coloured diamante detail and silver glitter. But will you be tempted by any, or are you not really bothered by false eyelashes? The false eyelash addict in me will probably get them all, and hopefully they'll make their way to my local and quick! I'm not sure if 'Festival' is the best name for them, it doesn't really fit for me personally, could have had a lot more options. But anyway, overall love the look of them. Click here to check them out and let me know your views below!

Image credit: Girls Aloud Image and Lashes Images.



  1. I want Cheryl's & Nicola's so badly! :) Haha


  2. Thanks for sharing! Nadine's and Nicola's are my picks too :)

  3. When I read 'festival lashes' I was expecting something completely different!
    Im not sure the lanyard is worth it either.. seeing as I dont have a pass I need to hold! Maybe a mini lipgloss wouldve been better, something you could pop in your bag for a night out maybe.
    Nah, I think I'll pass (seeing as Ive no where to go to wear them anyway booooo :( )

    Thank you x

  4. ....Really want Nicolas. Have bought and rebought the other GA lashes so I hope these are permanent!

  5. I like Sarahs best, they look so feathery!

    I realised today in town that the free moisturiser that marie claire was giving away i have allready missed out on which sucks! I hate how magazines call them 'april issue' yet they come out in march- always confuses me!

  6. Glad you both like the same ones! They're so pretty :).


  7. @ ChYmEc!nDy**- Helloooo! Thank you so much for following me!

    Should have added in my post girls that these are limited edition!

    @ Gemma- aww sweety that sucks, I saw one in my local just the other day :S


  8. ah man everyone loves them - but when i tried the original ones, cheryl cole's - i swear i looked like a transvestite :(((



  9. @ Smaira- haha, I don't like the original Cheryl ones, I totally get what you mean! I think they just work for some eyeshapes and not for others. My favourite original ones are Kimberly. So naturally gorgeous!



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