Let's Talk About Hair Extensions...

It's getting late here now, but before I think about going to bed, and also because I didn't have a post planned, I really wanted to come and ask you lot your views on hair extensions...

I want to know because basically I'm thinking about getting them, and have done for a while. I've been trying to grow my hair for years and years and although everyone says it's too long...it's simply not long enough for me! Not many people I know of have them so I thought you lovely lot- who are as fanatic about the hair and beauty world as I am- may have some experience in this? I guess I haven't looked into it before because it took me months and months to find even a plaited hairband that worked for my hair colour, so trying to find extensions to match my dark auburn hair just seems like an impossible task. I shamefully haven't researched into this area much but I have found a few websites which look quite good:

Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions
Head Kandy
Foxy Locks Extensions

So have you used or heard of anyone of the above? The only one I know really well is Foxy Locks, as I am a follower of her Youtube and Blog and love her hair tutorials using her products. Apart from that I'm totally new to all this. Ethical issues are 100% important to me though, so I want to make sure I do thorough research before thinking about buying any. I'm also aware of a product called Mega Tek which has been getting rave reviews in the beauty community, and illustrated by the lovely
Vex In The City. This product is actually
a protein treatment originally used on horses so of course I was completely skeptical at first but wow, look at the results she got!

I'd really love to hear your views and any wisdom you may have on hair growth, extensions etc which you could pass onto me. Thank you my lovelies!



  1. I also have the same questions like you. I am currently ordering products for me to try.

    Will be in touch with your blog about this hair issue.

    Just followed you!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Meh..There all so dear, try finding a shop/stall near you! theres some shops out there that do amazing extensions, and fair priced too!
    Plus you get to see them up close before you buy, and match your hair colour, you'l have the shop assistant to answer any questions :)
    Im also trying to grow my hair, using redken anti snap is really helping.
    Plus im trying to decide what colour I want to go!!
    good luck I hope you find the perfect ones!


  3. I agree with Lauren, I had extensions a couple of years ago when I was growing out my hair and my hairdresser pointed me in the direction of a great shop. The lady there matched my hair colour perfectly and my hairdresser was happy to show me how to put them in perfectly and cut and style them for me. No one could tell I was wearing extensions when she'd finished!


  4. Hiya, I have had both salon installed extensions and TONS of clip ins :)

    At the moment my hair is long but its yucky in thin so I use 1 or 2 wefts of Clipinz Human hair (the XXX volume piece) it matches my hair pretty much perfectly and its SO much thicker than any of the other clip in pieces I have ever had :)

    Buyhair.co.uk is rather good. Balmain extensions are really good quality and they have quite alot of unusual colours.

    I agree with May and Lauren it is best to go to a shop and see them in real life but there is no shops that sell a wide range near me :( Just Sallys but I hear the ones in there are poor quality and VERY overpriced :)

    As for growing my hair I just bought a 3 month supply of Silica tablets from Holland and Barrett and really want to try L'Anza Trauma Treatment as it has really good reviews.

    Gook luck growing your hair xo

  5. I'm the same - I'd love to get myself some hair extensions! Not for lenght though but more to add some thickness to my hair!

    You should maybe contact some hairdressers near you and see if they recommend any hair supply shops that would have extensions for you to check out. There's a hair supply shop near me that sells extensions for €40 which my friend got and they were great! I was dying my hair diff colours so skipped out on it at the time :)

    Ordering them online might be fine but you might not get a great match so seeing them in person might be better! xo

  6. Thank you all so much, that's fantastic advice, I knew I could rely on you guys :).

    So apart from contacting local hairdressers, how do you find said shops for this sort of thing?


  7. I have a few in town you can check via google if you havent already?
    I found a little hidden shop in the market, great extensions, real hair, sooo cheap!!!
    keep us updated :)

  8. @ Lauren- do you have some names my lovely? It might give me an idea of what to google for locally!


  9. Um, you could try googling, hair extensions in (where you live) or hair shops, or even hair outlets like whole sale places, where you can find them cheaper, mines called dimond beauty they sell wigs extenstions nails everything!! :) Hope you find one sweetie, x

  10. @ Lauren- thanks for the tips lovely, I'll let you know how I get on :)<3



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