Knot Wrap: Eco Friendly Beauty Packaging

So it goes without saying that we all love shopping, and sometimes if you have a very successful trip, you end up coming home with a gazillion plastic bags (or if you're lucky something a little more fancy!)...we've all been there, I know I have! Anyway lately, well for the last few years, I've been extremely anti plastic bags. They're just eww. I mean they may seem all okay at the time, but once you get home, they just totally lose their appeal and accumulate somewhere.

So my solution to the problem? Well for the last year there's been a huge awareness of the damage plastic bags cause to the environment, and thankfully many designers and the high street have come up with some really cute tote bag designs. And the designs keep rolling in, and you can even get pocket size fold out bags now. For me, I use a Twiggy Marks & Spencer tote for my food shopping, but sometimes it's too big to take out with me and I forget it. So apart from those pocket sized bags, I was looking for something cuter...

And I found the answer in LUSH! I've known about Knot Wrap for a little while but I just wanted to wait it out a bit to find a design I liked...but then I found the above cutie. I'll show you how I used it in my latest shopping trip:
Isn't that Biride the cutest? So first I lay it out....
Then I put my stuff out in the middle...
Grip the two middle corners together...
Then gathered all the other corners together...
Make a knot and voila, you're done! If you want to see another how-to from the website then click here. It'll show you how it can work for bottles etc. So do you have ever tried this? Do you care about eco-friendly packaging or do you prefer plastic bags? The scarf cost me £3.95 and if you click here you'll find out a lot more information. I absolutely love it, I mean of course it won't work for all packaging needs, but for the odd little thing it's going to be so perfect!



  1. I saw these the other day, and thought they were so cute, they would make a great present.

  2. Yeah you can get items gift wrapped in store like this, you've just reminded me, I should have mentioned that in my post!


  3. I really like the one you picked, if i were to get one it would definately be that one! When i go shopping i just take a really big shoulder bag, so i fill that up with all my goodies. Carrying a little bindle like yours would be cuter though! :)


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