Favourites: March 2010

Hello beauties, so I've rather neglected my blog this month, but at least I didn't forget to do my monthly favourites! But yeah, I'm not going to lie, and you guys mean so much to me that I feel like I should be honest and just come out and say that this month, and particularly the last few days have been really bad for me. So that's why I've not really been here at all. I've going to try and be around more in the next few days, as planning posts and what not will be a very much welcome distraction from every day life! OH and before I forget my Easter giveaway ends TONIGHT so make sure you don't miss out! Anyway, enough ramble, I hope your month has been a lot better than me. Onto some things which have cheered me up...

1. Topshop Russian Doll and other Bobby Pins
So as you all know from previous posts...I absolutely ♥ Topshop accessories. Pretty much everytime I go in I want everything...and I wish I was joking!!! After passing a really important exam lately, I decided that I could definitely treat myself to these little cuties without feeling too guilty! But I'll be honest...the main reason I got it was because of that little Russian Doll slide...how cute?!
2. Nubar 'Barricade' Nail Lacquer
I did a NOTD for this just the other day and I absolutely LOVE it! I was kindly sent this shade to review by Nubar, and initially I didn't think I'd like a grey nail polish that much, but I really did end up loving it! I'm really looking forward to wearing it as an alternative to all those pastel shades...but to be honest, the weather is still so ugh anyway I still want to rock these type of shades! If you're looking for a grey polish then this is a great shade to go for. Not too light, and not too dark.
3. LUSH Candy Fluff Easter Egg Ballistic
A Snow Fairy, sweet scented Easter Egg ballistic! Love, love, love this cute little pink egg shaped wonder! What's not to like? Oh, the fact it's limited!!!
4. LUSH Happy Chick Easter Ballistic
Another LUSH Easter ballistic but I'm sorry I couldn't resist, I mean just how cute is this little chick? Awwww! Smells really citrussy and refreshing. So yeah, whilst it isn't the most innovative scent, it puts me in a better mood!
5. MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick
I know, I know, you were all waiting for it so I thought I'd keep you waiting no more! Yes it is THE Lady Gaga lipstick that MAC came out with earlier in the month. I absolutely love it, the colour, the packaging...everything! And even better, it goes towards an incredible charity.
6. Topshop Flower Earrings
I've already spoken about my love for Topshop jewellery so I won't bore you, but aren't these little blue flower earrings the cutest? I picked them up at the weekend in hope that Spring would be here now it's practically April and that I'd get a lot of wear out of them. Unfortunately, the weather lately doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm, but I'll rock them anyway ;)
7. LUSH Knot Wrap Scarf
I talked about this in a previous post so I won't repeat myself, but I've been loving this as an alternative to plastic bags whilst shopping. It's not great for a whole mass of things, but for the odd item, which is my main shopping habit, it's perfect! And just how pretty could it be? Even if you didn't want to use it for storage, you could wear it as a scarf, or both!
8. MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre
This is love. I mean just look at it, it's so beautiful. This is one of the best limited blushers MAC has done in a while, in my opinion, well since Hello Kitty! A lot of people have been commenting that they can't work it to get both shades, and I would suggest using a contour brush, like MAC's 168, I find that picks up both colours evenly then. Make sure you buff it out with a Kabuki brush or similar afterwards.
9. H&M Hello Kitty Dressing Gown
This is a really random favourite, but a few weeks ago I blogged about my love for the H&M Hello Kitty stuff and finally I got my hands on the dressing gown! I saw this months ago but didn't wanted to pay £24.99, or whatever it was, but then I saw it for £7 just the other day. It was meant to be! And it's the most comfiest most fluffiest thing in the world, I love it so much!
10. Nubar 'Orange Creme' Nail Lacquer
I couldn't not include this, it's so fierce! Again, I have a NOTD for this one. It was the colour used at London Fashion Week and I got it from BeautyShed.co.uk with LOOK magazine's 20% discount online voucher. It's the brightest but most fun shade of nail polish I own, and I love it!
Joint 10. China Glaze 'Good Witch?' Nail Polish
I know, I know, I always try and limit myself to only 10 favourites but I couldn't not mention this, but didn't want to lose something else from the above! But yeah, I also love this nail polish shade. It's very different from the other two shades mentioned, but because of the glitter, this has been my glam polish of the month!

So I think that's it my pretties, but now I want to know what you've been loving this month, so let me know below. Speak to you in April, I promise I won't slack!



  1. lovely favourites!! i love the hellokitty dressing gown, so cute! x

  2. Lots of cute favourites here! I love the blue flower earrings and the hair slides :)

    Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time recently, lets hope April is extra fab for you to make up for it! x

  3. @ tenxx- thank you, I love it too, it's the most amazing thing!!!

    @ Gemma- thank for sweety! Topshop has some amazing accessories at the moment!

    @ ♥ Makeup Kitten ♥- thank you!


  4. Well, it's more than a week later, so I hope things are looking up now. :)


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