Update...and a Alice and Wonderland palette update too!

Hello everyone! Remember me? ;). I know I've neglected my blog a little lately...but this is due to many difficult circumstances. Firstly, some personal matters going on around me and secondly, we've had major internet fail lately so I haven't really had much internet access since the weekend, apart from odd 5 minute slots (like now!)! But anyway, let's hope this gets up okay! As a result of me being away, I've got a bit behind on posts I intended to do for the build up to Valentine's Day etc. I had a post I wanted to put up today...but it just won't let me upload any photos or anything so I don't think it wants to go up! But with that out of the way, and to save this post from being completely useless, I thought you'd all love to know that the much anticipated Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette will be available from 22nd February for us UK girls, and I believe that it will go up on www.debenhams.com. So that's only about 12 days away-major excitement! I got this information from the amazing British Beauty Blogger...I can't add links right now, but I'll add the link when I get proper working technology!

I hope everyone is well. Thank you for all your emails! If I don't reply this week I truly am sorry but I will definitely reply to all asap. I haven't been able to catch up with any other blogs either, so please, fill me in on what's new, and whether you're going to get the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette :). Virtual hugs to all that read and thanks so much for your support! <3



  1. the palette looks and sounds amazing but i'm still a little indesicive (sp?). :)

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on that palette, very excited!

    By the way I've sent an e-mail to you re. my giveaway:)

  3. @ Viva La Fashion- get it ;). I am a hopeless enabler, haha. But seriously, I think if you have a lot of shades from Urban Decay or similar you could skip, but if you want a collectable item then it's too much to resist :).

    @ Kelly- I'm excited too! I'll check out my emails now, I have some rare working internet time so I'll check it out! Sorry for any delays in replying in advance though!


  4. 22nd Feb?
    I got my dates mixed up! But that's a good thing because I can get my hands on it even sooner then I thought! YAY



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