New York Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson

February is one of my favourite times of year...and why? Well because it's Fashion Week! I absolutely love seeing what we're all going to be wearing in a few months time, and seeing what our most loved designers have been up to! But as you know, I spend the majority of this time tracing down every single bit of what Betsey Johnson gets up to at Fashion week! And at last, yesterday, Betsey took to the stage in New York to show us all her Fall 2010 collection. Late last night Betsey started posting backstage Twit pics and I was so excited to see it all taking shape. Unfortunately all the action took place when most UK'ers are fast asleep so I had to catch up today. But actually guess where I saw some of the first bits of the show...GMTV! Yes GMTV! That totally made my whole day, and I'm so glad Lorraine Kelly is a huge Betsey fan as most people here haven't even heard of her. So in a brief summing up of the whole show this year's theme was the Wild West! Was totally not expecting this theme but if anyone can make Western wear look sexy, it's Betsey! The looks were divided up into 13 categories, including 'Banditos,' 'Gamblers,' 'Vagabonds' and 'Brothlettes'. This year was made extra special by the appearance of Kelly Osbourne who opened and closed the show. Isn't she looking amazing?! There was a huge mix of hats adorned with birds, velvet bow ties, fishnets, bank-robber styled eye masks, and at one stage, clown lips!!! In fact this year was quite masculine for Betsey, but then the 'Madame' part of the show showcased Betsey's signature prom dress, floor sweeping styled dresses.

Beauty wise, I think there was definitely a Brigitte Bardot smokey eye style look going on. Interestingly the make up was provided by Stila but I'm eagerly hoping that one day Betsey will collaborate with MAC for a fierce collection, or that she starts one of her own! Anyway, if I had to pick a favourite look from the show it would probably be the Marilyn Monroe pop-art styled dresses. I so want one of them! Have any of you lot followed New York Fashion week? And if so whose collection have you been loving? If you want to check out Betsey's you can play the video above, and photos and more details can be found here.


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