IMATS Round-Up and some photos! PART 2.

Evening all! Just a super quick post to show you all my remaining IMATS photos, and a little look at what I got. Enjoy :).
Royal & Langnickel brushes Royal & Langnickel brushes. These are absolutely amazing. They also had a stall at the Clothes Show. Bit of body-painting going on in the background!
mac pro imats MAC Pro! This stand was heaving all day, I couldn't even take a look. Well okay, a slight peak mid-afternoon but then a whole lot of people starting pushing to get to the front, haha.
imats make up demo 2010 Fierce body-painting going on.
eve pearl imats london 2010 The Eve Pearl counter! This was earlier in the day when Eve Pearl herself wasn't there.
alice and wonderland make up imats london 2010 Alice and Wonderland themed make up by some amazing students. Loved this look so much!
mac pro demo imats 2010 Amazing body-painting going on at MAC Pro. I think it was based on a painting/artist style. Gutted I missed the same guy (I think!) painted Mondrian style on the Sunday.
mac pro demo imats 2010 Even body-painting models need a well-earned coffee break! ;)
demo imats 2010 This guy was beautiful, and I love this body-paint design so much.
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics london imats 2010Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! Don't hate me, but....I was a bit meh about the counter. I didn't end up getting anything because a lot wasn't out on display/out of stock and I just didn't get it to be honest. I plan to try some in the future though, just not right now...and I have too many lip products to go through first!
london imats 2010 LOVED this look, so Mermaid ish, and so simply achieved. This was a look from a make up school student.
london imats 2010 eve pearl EVE PEARL!!! Yup, THE Eve Pearl herself. I managed to see really close up how she does make up and it was amazing.
london imats 2010 eve pearl demo More Eve Pearl. The model was stunning!
nic pixiwoo illamasqua imats 2010
Yes you spotted right, that's Nic of Pixiwoo, at the Illamasqua counter! She looked so busy so I didn't feel like it was the best time to start up a conversation! Her make up was stunning though. Again I skipped on Illamasqua though. Just because I didn't 'need' anything and nothing caught my eye unfortunately.
nic pixiwoo illamasqua imats 2010 demo Makeoverness at Illamasqua!
naked cosmetics imats 2010 london Naked Cosmetics! This is where I spotted the amazing Koren of Enkoremakeup! I absolutely adored the colours from this range, and to be honest, I probably would have gotten something, if only you could buy them individually. I didn't want 6 or however many you got in one pack! But they're beautiful.
imats 2010 london beauty haulMy tiny, modest haul! And yes sweeties, that is what you think it is, the 88 palette! I decided I didn't want to go home without it. It was just so pretty! Then I got some Crown (PINK! :D) brushes and a Eve Pearl liner, lashes and black lash glue. Oh and some Crown brushes cleaner. I wish I got some more Crown brushes but the queue was insane and I just couldn't be doing with it!!!



  1. Nice haul! Ohh your posting these images makes me even more excited! IMATS looked like so much fun! XO

  2. @ Marce- it's brilliant fun, I hope you get to go to an IMATS :)

    @ Melissa- it was an amazing experience :)


  3. Oh, so much fun at the event! And Eve Pearl herself too! Wow! Lovely haul too. :) Oh, before I forget, I passed you a tag the other day. I hope to read yours, if you're up for it. If not, no worries. :)

  4. I hope this is on next year I seriously want to go!

    Lots of love,

  5. @ witoxicity- thank you so much darling, I'll check it out :). Yes I can't believe I met Eve Pearl too, and got so close. Wasn't expecting that at all.

    @ Katie- it's definitely something worth going to, even if it's just for one year!



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