IMATS Round-Up and some photos! PART 1.

Hey everyone! So here is my super belated IMATS post. So yes, this saturday I set off to North London for this years IMATS that took place at Alexandra Palace (or as most Londoners seem to call it- Ally Pally!). It took me ages to get to, because I had to go through the centre of London, so I got there just after 11. The venue was perfect, it's a stunning area.

It was absolutely heaving inside. For the most part, you literally couldn't move, and stands such as Crown was one big queue all day long. So that's one aspect I really didn't enjoy, because I'm tiny and couldn't get to a lot of the things I wanted to see! ;). Secondly, I got down for Terry Barber's seminar ridiculously early only to be turned away with several other hundred people because it was packed out. Major disappointment as I really, really wanted to watch that seminar. I also didn't get to see Alex Box either. But overall, I had an amazing day. I didn't really get much at all, because I'm a student and therefore broke, but tempting stuff is all around at IMATS! And you pay a lot to get in so it's not a cheap day out. I got a few photos from the day, but I won't post them all as many are the same ones you'll see all over blogspot. OH but I didn't tell you my extra special highlight of the day....meeting ENKORE MAKEUP! Just wow, I was so star struck as I love him! haha. He was so, so lovely and it definitely made my visit. Anyway, photos, photos! I should just add that I'm going to do half my photos now and half later this week and there's too many.
alexander palace imats 2010 london The gorgeous Alexandra Palace in all its glory. It was slightly snowing that morning, so they were steps of doom! Not a classy entrance for many!
imats 2010 london This gorgeous display poster just inside the entrance, where there were also cafes, bars etc.
Hakuhodousa brushes imats The amaaaaazing Hakuhodousa brushes, which although completely falling in love with, couldn't justify the cost of them right now. They're pricey little things...
zombies imats 2010 True art. Zombies, special effects...this is where the magic happens!
crown brushes imats 2010 Crown brushes! All as I now call it 'queue brushes'. Literally just one solid mass of people around it all day so I didn't have as close a look as I had wanted. I missed out on so many gems.
alice in wonderland make up imats 2010 GORGEOUS Alice in Wonderland themed make up. This lovely girly kindly posed for me because she looked absolute amazing. Fantastic make up done by make up students.
alice in wonderland make up imats 2010 student competitionMore Alice in Wonderland themed make up. I believe this was the winning look? Everyone looked amazing.

So were you at IMATS? What did you think of the day? I'd love to hear! Apparently IMATS London 2010 was the biggest selling IMATS to date- that's pretty amazing! No wonder it was so packed then ;).



  1. Great photos! I'd love to go to the IMATS! I'm happy for you, can't wait to see what you got! XO

  2. Oh, I really love the alice in wonderland themed makeup:)


  3. @ Marce- thank you! IMATS is amazing. It's a shame it only goes to a few places!

    @ Sher- yes the Alice in Wonderland themed make up was amazing! Everyone's crazy for it right now, what with the Tim Burton film coming out soon!


  4. Thanks so much for sharing this. So many of us couldn't be there, so it's great to see your snapshots. Pity about the crowd and your missing the seminar.


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