Glittery Tattoos: Jinny Rainbow @ Selfridges

Jinny Rainbow Sorry for being a bit slack here recently but I've had a 24 hour bug, ugh! Anyway, this week I was fortunate enough to go to Selfridges and I wanted to share with you a super exciting company I saw there (well, at least exciting for me!). Said company is called Jinny Rainbow and they basically sell glitter tattoos. But no, these aren't those things you get at Claire's etc, or free with magazines back in the good old days, these are waterproof glitter tattoos that can last up to 7 days. That's amazing, right? Yes! I was hanging around the counter at Selfridges and the lovely assistant did the following little butterfly for me on my hand as a demo. Unfortunately I had just applied hand cream a little while before so mine will probably not last as long. Still, I'm absolutely loving having a little butterfly on my hand!

So if you're thinking about giving this a go, here's how the lovely SA demo'd the product:

* First you pick a stencil and place it where you want the tattoo.
* Next, brush the glue over the stencil and wait about 30 seconds for the glue to dry clear.
* Remove the stencil, it's like a sticker so just peels away.
* Apply any glitter(s)over the glue. You can use as many colours as you like! And it doesn't matter if glitter falls outside the glue stencil.
* Brush away excess glitter with a brush. A powder brush or fan brush would do the job.

I'm not sure of prices on the top of my head, but I believe the glue is £10, an individual glitter £5 (this may not be 100% correct) and the stencils are £1. I would imagine if you want to invest in this, then you should go for one of their kits, which range from £20 to £100. I would highly recommend this brand, it's such a fun idea, completely pain-free and I think it would be perfect if you have a special event or holiday coming up. As they're waterproof, you could even swim with it on and it wouldn't come off! Here's some of the glittery possibilities:

Have you ever heard of this brand? Have you used some of their stuff? Let me know below, and if you haven't, whether you'd be interested? I'd definitely considering looking more into their products when it starts to get a bit warmer and I'd have more occasions to show off such glittery designs! Have a great weekend everyone! Sorry for being slack, I'll get back to all my comments and emails asap! If you want more information on this brand, then head here.



  1. Oh I think this company were at the Clothes Show (or a similar brand). They tried to demo on me, but I had just had a hand scrub/cream demo so my hands still a bit wet and covered in cream. Looks quite good fun though!
    Emma :)x

  2. When I first read glitter tattoo I immediately thought of magazine freebies! I want to try this out :(

  3. OMG! I actually want one of these thats so pretty! & lasts quite a decent time..
    Can u just pay them to do it on you and how much would that cost? ox

  4. @ Computergirl- ooooh yes come to think of it, I think I know the company you mean! Yeah stupid me for applying hand cream but it still lasted a fairly long time!

    @ perfectionishuman haha, yeah that was my first thought! You know the ones that you used to get in Mizz etc? Those were the days! ;)

    @ Bethany- Hmmmm I'm not sure if you can pay them sweety. I mean I was just looking around and she asked me if I wanted a demo! I'd ring up the Selfridges counter, or try and go down in person and see what they'd be willing to do! Most people were just getting little designs on their hands like me.

    @ Viva la fashion- I feel like I've heard of something similar too, but not 100% sure!


  5. Fab post! How did it feel? scratchy/smooth? Did it last long? xx

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