REVIEW: Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Moisturiser & free sample

Jergens Naturals is Americas top selling body care brand and it was recently introduced to the UK in March 2009. It may look like any other moisturiser, but Jergens markets itself in the cruelty free and paraben free market- claiming their products are 95% natural, cruelty free and paraben free. For those that may not know, parabens are chemicals widely used in the cosmetics industry as a preservative that have been controversially, but not conclusively linked to cancer. Jergens is also produced in the UK despite it being an American brand, and relatively green from the carbon miles angle. I've been reading up on the company and apparently they've been going since 1901 in America- that's a REALLY long time and I was quite shocked by a good way!

The range first caught my eye when I saw it in Sainsburys in the summer. They were having a half price deal on it so I thought, why not! After all, I tend to be a sucker for this sort of product, and the ethics side is right up my street. I decided I'd try the skin firming one first and here's how Jergens describe it:

Made with 96% natural ingredients (I think this is the only 96% one, but there may be one more), this highly effective formula visibly moisturises and firms cellulite prone skin in just one use.

Key Natural Ingredients

Pomegranate: source of powerful antioxidants known to scavenge free radicals which damage skin by decreasing its elasticity

Aloe: a great skin cooler, but recently discovered for its moisturising and firming properties

White Tea: rich in powerful anti-oxidants and helps fight inflammation

Jojoba Seed, Soybeans, Cottonseeds, Sunflower, Palm kernels, Grape seeds, Aloe Leaf, Green Tea Leaves, Greater Celandine (Tetterwort), Dog Rose

On the front packaging it says 'made from 96% ultra moisturising natural ingredients', which of course does make anyone wonder what makes up the other 4%, and sends me off to peruse the ingredients. But you'll be pleased to hear that's it's nothing sinister, just a small amount of preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances. Without this the product would go off in an instance, and no one wants that! But, with all the jargon out the way...did it actually work? Well yes it really, really did! I absolutely adore this moisturiser. I've been using it for a while now and it has really helped moisturise my extremely dry skin, and there is definitely a firming effect. It smells really sweet and it absorbs super quickly. For about £4, it's fantastic value...I just wish they did even bigger amounts of it!

Check out Jergens Naturals website for more information about the range, and there's a fantastic FAQ link which is really informative. I highly, highly recommend this range, but I'd also love to hear what you think. And before I forget, do you fancy trying out this product for free? I have a little sample sachet that came free in a magazine, but I obviously don't need it now and forgot I had it! It's for the Ultra Hydrating body moisturiser, and would be great for someone who has difficult skin and wanted to see how they would react to it. To make it fair, whoever first says in the comments 'I want the sample, please' gets it. But don't forget to leave your email address! :)



  1. I love Jergens and have bought them since the arrived in the UK - they are great for dry skin.

  2. They are indeed Emma Jane, and so reasonably priced too :)

  3. Hi! thanks for ur comment!!
    the program I use is
    once there you can create your own collage!

  4. Ooh, definitely a firming effect?? I'd love to try this!xx

  5. @ Patukiii- thank you so much. I'll check it out. Thank you for stopping by!

    @ Princess Livia- yes I definitely noticed something, especially on my arms, but a bit on my legs too. I don't really have cellulite issues...I guess that would be the real test!


  6. Oh, the ingredients all sound so good and nourishing. I've never tried this brand before but I have heard of it. Great review! :)

  7. Excellent review! I was thinging of getting this today while I was out shopping but I already have a few body moisturisers to use up before I go out buying any more! I will pick it up after that though, it sounds fantastic! :)



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