NOTD: Nubar 'Chocolate Coffee Bean' Nail Lacquer

So earlier this week I was contacted by Nubar after my NOTD using their 'Navy Blue' shade...yes, THE Cheryl one! They were really pleased to hear that I loved the shade and asked if I would be interested in trying a shade from their recent 'Chocolate Truffles' collection. Now over the past few months I've been offered a few things to try but declined because they just weren't things I would use. But as I was super impressed with my first Nubar polish I was very excited to try more from the range, however everything stated here is 100 and a million % my own opinion!

So when I heard about the collection I literally thought YUM. I'm a huge chocoholic, with a sweet tooth and I think this is a fantastic inspiration for a nail polish range! Definitely something that would look stunning this winter, and for Valentines Day! The collection shades range from a rich raspberry truffle with a purple glitter tinge to a golden chocolate caramel, and the more traditional looking browns, milk chocolate creme and Swiss chocolate to the deep dark chocolate coffee bean. The shade I was sent, 'Chocolate Coffee Bean' is a stunning dark chocolate brown with duochrome red, pink, gold and green shimmer. It's definitely one of those shades where the shimmer shifts colours when you tilt it slightly in different lighting. Here's some photos that illustrate my point:

And what do I think? Well, it went on really well, although not quite as smoothly as my first Nubar shade, I think that's purely because this has more of a shimmer to it, so the texture is different. It dried super glossy, I mean I applied a top-coat, but I didn't have to. And what I love, love, LOVE about Nubar is that it lasts. This is major stuff for me as I'm super lazy...and I like my polish to last as long as possible! Colour wise, truly stunning. When I first saw it, I wasn't too keen on the green-ish tinge, but on it just completely changes to this gorgeous deep brown with red-shimmer. In fact, I wasn't sure about brown nail polish full stop but this collection is absolutely stunning and I would rate Nubar as having the same high standards as China Glaze and OPI. Nubar has become a celebrity favourite recently, mostly because of their eco-friendly ingredients and is loved by Lauren Conrad, Lily Allen, Jessica Alba if it's good enough for them then it's good enough for me!
In another lighting and Lauren Conrad showing off the collection. SO sorry about my horrible nails, my 4th finger nail had a major injury this week!
So yes, I can add this to the list of nail companies I heart, and I'm definitely not just saying that! I'm glad to see it taking off so well, and as I'm a bit eco-friendly mad, I'm happy to have found it. Click here for my review of Nubar 'Navy Blue' and for incredible swatches head over to Scrangie. If you fancy trying some Nubar then you can get it from and I think they're £8 each. Let me know what you think of this shade and collection!

Image credit: Nubar



  1. i love this deep shade.

    its stunning.

  2. The shade is awesome. It looks beautiful on you! I love how glossy it is! Now, let me check where I can get Nubar HERE! :)

  3. That's a lush colour! Never tried Nubar before, really tempted now x

  4. I love this colour!
    It looks yummy!

  5. @ Greer- yeah I love deep shades like this, and chocolate inspired is even better!

    @ witoxicity- thank you sweety! Check out They MIGHT do international shipping but I'm not 100% sure.

    @ Cinny Loves- If you like OPI, China Glaze etc I think you'd love it :).

    @ Lauren- Yeah it definitely is, makes me hungry looking at it! hehe.



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