My Favourites of 2009

Hey everyone! So at the end of each month I usually do a favourites post about the things I'm loving. Well December kind of got forgotten so I figured I'd just do a favourites of 2009 post instead, although now that's late too, but I'm finally getting on with it! So enough natter, I'll get on with the list... 1. Nail Polish
I've always loved nail polish but I was always surrounded by people who just wore pale pink and would often be completely lazy with taking it off. This year I really started to take more care of my nails and I got obsessed with brands such as OPI, which then led to China Glaze, Jessica etc. I now paint my nails every few days and I absolutely love it. The polishes in the above photo are the ones I've been wearing most this year. If I had to pick just one favourite it would be 'Ruby Pumps' by China Glaze.
So you all know my relationship with LUSH by now. I've grown up with company and it feels very, very odd when I read about it as a new craze on the blogging community...just because I've always been around it, if that makes sense? Anyway I love that it has a whole new fan base. Although a lot of my favourites have come and gone, I'm thankful that there are still things I will never stopping buying. Some of those are in the photo above. In particular, I couldn't live without Whipstick lipbalm, Creamy Candy BBS and Snow Fairy shower gel. I also love the face masks.
3. Royal & Langnickel Brushes
I've been wanting to do a review on these for the longest time but I've just been really slack recently. Basically I was introduced to this brand of brushes at the Clothes Show Live earlier last month. They are amazing brushes but I got the whole lot for about £30- with an eyeliner brush as little as £1.50 and face brush £6. Just wow. I really need to review them thoroughly for you but I do love them, and they are one of my most favourites purchases of the year.
4. MAC Hello Kitty Collection
Without a doubt the most amazing beauty collection of the year was the MAC Hello Kitty collection. I'm obsessed with MAC and Hello Kitty. Thus, if you put the two together I need everything! Thankfully I had a bit more restraint than that, but let's just say I got most of what I wanted...and it was definitely by favourite MAC release along with Barbie back in 2007, or whenever it was.
5. Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Fragrances
I remember hearing about this release and I was so excited. It was the most perfect idea for a perfume and the packaging was the cutest thing ever. I remember going to Boots and got 3 using my points and I love them so much. I've done a review on these fragrances if you're thinking about trying them. They've all got a winter makeover recently and they're quite possibly even more adorable.
6. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
I heart anything MAC mineralize but particularly the Mineralize skinfinish natural which is all things wonderful. I only wish they made it a bit paler and then it would be perfect.
7. Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes
Everyone in the blogging world had nothing but good things to say about these palettes, but I have to be honest, I wasn't too sure when I saw that they were only £4. Just how wrong could I have been? These palettes are absolutely amazing and I think, dare I say it, even better than some higher quality brands. They definitely deserve all the rave reviews they get.
8. MAC Eyeshadows 'All That Glitters' & 'Cranberry'
However much I like my new Sleek stuff I still haven't forgotten about my MAC! The above shades are my go to colours that I wear most days and forms my everyday look. They're both super pigmented and amazing. I don't need to tell you all about MAC shadows, they're love for most!
9. Girls Aloud False Eyelashes
I'm not ashamed to say that I love Girls Aloud. I love how they all have their own unique style and that's perfectly shown in their false eyelash line for Eylure. I remember when they first came out everyone bombarded Superdrug and Boots to get them but now they seem to be everywhere, although still classed as LE. I've worn most of them and they're great quality, and everyone always comments on them.
10. Bows
Okay so most this post is about my beauty faves but bows make up my style and deserve a mention! I've always loved bows but this year the obsession has grown, and the bows have got bigger! I'm crediting a large amount of this due to the amazing Lady Gaga. I wouldn't be able to tell you how many bows I own, but it's a lot. I make a lot of them myself, and I'm considering starting my own range on them maybe. It might be my 2010 project!

So those are just some of my 2009 favourites. What have you loved this past year? Share below!



  1. Ooh, I love this list! It's got cute and glam and everything in between! I'd love to read your review on the makeup brushes. I've never heard of them before! :)

  2. I'll definitely do a review on the brushes, they were such a find :)

  3. Lush and sleek eye palettes are amazing. Very jealous you managed to get the graphite palette, I'm really regretting not buying one when they first came out. Great blog x


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