FOTD: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend...

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're all having a better start to the year than's been pretty awful but this is a beauty blog not a personal one so enough on that. I thought I'd come here and do a OTT FOTD to take my mind of things. This was going to be my New Years Eve but I didn't get the time. Thankfully the look is not wasted as the gorgeously cute Zoella is holding her 2000 followers contest (mega congratulations girlie!) with the theme simply, 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'. How amazing? I mean, what girl doesn't like glitters, diamonds and all things sparkly? The lovely Zoella is a huge Moulin Rouge fan, and whilst I am a fan of the film too, my immediate thoughts were of course the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, and the song that comes from the infamous Marilyn classic from 1949, 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. I love the song so much and that's my main inspiration.

So I'll talk you through the look starting with the images that I based my look on. When I typed in 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend' I was trying to find the photo below and hurrah it was one of the first! I love Marilyn in this photo. It's classic retro Hollywood with her signature look complete with decadent diamonds and jewels. She's looks every inch the leading lady.
Then of course, a screen cap from the scene she performs the infamous 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'. I loooove this song so much, but no one does it better than her.

But I also really like Beyonce's version of the know, where she's strutting her stuff in the Emperio Armani video? haha. I know you've all seen it! I love how she takes the diamond look to the 21st century looking fierce, in control and gorgeous.
Put all that together and here's what I came up with...before you see, I apologise muchly for the awful, awful photos. I've not been well so was having a true fugly day, and the photos were taken later in the day when the lighting was naff...

Rather than decorate my face in crystals I wanted a bit more structure. Brows were hugely important to Marilyn's look, so I thought why not cover mine in crystals! Lashes too, highly significant to the retro look but I updated mine with some sparkles. Oh and I forgot to add my other influence: The Snow Queen! It is winter after all, so the silver themed eyes were inspired by the lady herself. I wanted to keep the eyes minimal and let the diamonds do the talking, but the problem with that...? I didn't have enough, AHH! Isn't that just the most annoying thing...when you don't plan your looks! I wanted to add a whole more elaborate look under the eye, like the Moulin Rouge girlies did but unfortunately I had to make do with what I had! But overall I wanted to take elements of Marilyn's look, but to go really over the top with them. By doing so I kind of gravitate towards the Beyonce glamorous personified look. After all, Diamonds ARE a girls best friend and why not show them off? The common theme between Marilyn, Beyonce, The Snow Queen and the Moulin Rouge girls were that they know how to take centre stage, and they know how to steal the show. But most importantly, they wear the looks...they don't let it wear them! Did I just go off on a tangent there?! haha. I hope you all know what I mean, and I hope you all entered Zoella's contest. It was such a good idea!
Products Used:

* MAC NW15 Concealer
* MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
* Too Faced blusher from a misc palette
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance
* Painterly Paint Pot
* B Never Bullet Eyecream
* Misc silver pigment
* MAC Pink Opal pigment
* B Never B Jewelled Swarovski crystals and misc Claire's crystals.
* Eyeko Silver Glitter Liner
* B Never Silver Glitter
* Black Track Fluidline
* Cargo Lash Activator
* MAC Plink Lipstick
* Too Faced Mood Swing Lipgloss



  1. That looks really lovely! Even MrL said so, and he never even notices makeup, usually!

  2. Wow, your entry is so good!! I love your idea of placing the diamonds all over the brows!! Good luck :)

  3. Wow, you've created a fantastic look, Georgie! You've placed the diamonds so perfectly, it looks very elegant! That's a great entry! Good luck!

    Happy New Year! And get well soon, my dear! :)

  4. You look beautiful Georgie! Good luck in the contest, I wanted to enter but I left it to last moment and ran out of time =(
    Hope you are feeling better =)

  5. That's really good! Good luck in the contest. x

  6. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments <3. And Get Lippie, I'm impressed your Mr noticed make up. Not like the men in my life!

  7. Love this, looks gorgeous. congrats on being a runner up, altho I'd say you deserve winning!

  8. @ Monika- awww thank you sweety! That's very sweet of you, but I'm just surprised to have made runner up! :)



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