100 posts and 150 followers Giveaway!

Hey everyone! So a little while ago I was sorting through some stuff, and decided that I had enough for a little giveaway- woop woop! (please note that I once purchased all the above items myself- no company is sponsoring this). And this giveaway is in celebration of my 100 posts (okay, 101 now!) on my blog AND hitting 150 followers. Thank you all so much! It seems seriously like yesterday that I had 100 of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Unfortunately unlike my last giveaways, there's no theme to the prizes...I guess you could say that it's the best of the UK highstreet but I think I'll be adding some more random stuff aswell. Good stuff though, don't worry :). So up for grabs I'm giving away a Rimmel Loose eyeshadow powder, Rimmel lipgloss, Rimmel nail polish, Barry M nail polish, Eyeko beauty balm and a Barry M lipgloss. All items are 100% brand new and un-tested. So enough with the chatter, here's how easy it is to enter:

How to enter

1. Rather than just simply writing enter me, I want you all to tell me what make up/fashion etc collection you're most looking forward to. It could be a MAC one, OPI, Urban Decay (I know you all love THAT palette as much as me!), Topshop etc etc. Whatever it may be I'd love to know.
2. Leave me an email address or tell me how to contact you if you win.


1. You MUST be a follower of my blog.
2. You must be okay to pass on your address if you win, otherwise I can't send you the prize!
3. Open all over the world- as long as your country accepts packages from the UK.
4. You can only enter once. You don't have to post about this on your blog or whatever, but of course if you want to spread the giveaway love then that would be super lovely!
5. Winner will be chosen at random via. random.org.
6. Giveaway will end Monday 25th January 2010 00.00 GMT.

So I think that's it lovelies. Please don't leave a comment here if you don't want to enter, as it would be unfair to others. Good luck everyone, and again thank you all so, so much! <3



  1. Great giveaway darlin, & congratulations on 150 followers!

    I am most looking forward to the urban decay alice in wonderland palette! I was absolutely gutted that i left it too late to get the last book of shadows so hopefully i will be able to get my hands on this one! :)

    My email address is: sward89@hotmail.co.uk


  2. I'm looking forward to MAC All Ages Races Sexes, as theres a few bits in the collection I have my eye on :)

    My email is chloemakeup@live.co.uk

    Well done on getting to 150 followers!!


  3. Great giveaway! Oh and congrats on getting 150 followers, hopefully I'll be there one day :)

    What am I most looking forward to... Coconut Ice Nail Polish from MAC's MAC in Lilyland collection. The colour is simply gorgeous

    My E-mail is planebeauty[at}hotmail[.]com x

  4. Heya, I love all the prizes! Congrats on the 150 follower's (:

    Im also looking forward to urban decay alice in wonderland palette, It looks amaazinnn!

    my email:


  5. Congrats on 150 followers!
    Im not really looking forward to anything specific but I can't wait to see what new nail polish shades will be coming out this year. I'm hoping Sleek will bring out some new palettes too.
    None makeup related: I cant wait for the new series of Skins!
    My email address is: thisiscaz@live.co.uk


  6. Congratulations.
    Im looking forward to...ohhh MAC 2010 give me liberty of london.. ROLL ON APRIL :)

    & also i always love the topshop spring collectionss

    & i wont manage to get one but the alice in wonderland urban decay palette.

    my email is lauranicholson@hotmail.co.uk


  7. Congrats on 150 and 100! :) Have you entered my 100 giveaway btw? Be funny if we won each others!

    I am looking forward to THAT palette too.. US Alice palette. But alos looking forward to Mac Spring Forecast, and liberty collection. Thats 3 but never mind!!

    email address is computergirl2007blog (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

    Well done, your blog is great! x

  8. Hey! Congrats on the followers :)

    The collection I'm most looking forward to must have to be the Too Fabulous Collection from MAC coming out in the spring. They're making the Cremesheen Glasses permanent! Theyre my absolute fav!

    My email is: ericateresacho@hotmail.com

  9. I cannot wait for MAC's Give Me Liberty of London Collection. They're coming out with some really nice and not to mention, adorable stuff! Congrats on the lovely accomplishment.

    Email: sharkseat@hotmail.com


  10. congrats hunny!!! great giveaway!

    im looking fwd to the Mac give me liberty of london collection!cant wait!


    x x x

  11. I am an addict of lip glosses and looking forward to getting my hands...oops lips on the MAC in Lillyland Collection lipgelees the Resort Life shade looks lovely.

    Thanks and congrats on the posts and followers

    Jo xx
    Email is on my dashboard

  12. Love Rimmel always use it specially the liquid eye liner the profissonal one and lipstick ,Great giveaway
    Enter me please
    1. I am a new follower
    2. Its ok -sh.11175@yahoo.com

  13. Hi! please enter me <3 i'm a follower already.

    i am most looking forward to the Jill stuart spring collection, with 2 new variations of their mix compact blush, 4 new variations of eye shadow quads, new shades of lipglosses and nail polishes!

    my email is:

  14. Hi! Congrats on 150 followers :)

    Im also looking forward to the MAC give me liberty of london collection :) The packaging is so pretty!



  15. Hey congrats on the 150 followers!
    im looking forward to the Mac liberty colection... it looks fit! xx
    my email address is samaiya90nov@homail.com

  16. You're so loved :-)

    I'm most looking forward to all the upcoming Alice In Wonderland goodies! OPI and Urban Decay.

    So lush.

    My email: x.abigail@yahoo.co.uk


  17. Hello from a new follower! I've been enjoying reading your blog, well done with the 100 posts.

    The collection i'm most looking forward to is Mac liberty,because the packaging is supercute. I'm also looking forward to new stuff from Sleek.

    My email addy is: mustnotforget@hotmail.co.uk


  18. Congrats on all the followers!! You deserve it sweetie

    I'm most looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland palette, but i doubt i'll be able to get my hands on one.. so i'm most looking forward to the Lady Gaga lipstick !!

  19. oh christ forgot to leave email


  20. china glaze "up away" collection for sure!


  21. Yay to giveaways and congratulations on reaching your latest milestone, Georgie!

    I'm just trying my luck here! Heh heh! I admit that I'm really looking forward to the release of the UD's Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows. I've been reading so much about it lately, it's hard not to get excited! :D

    witoxicity8 at gmail dot com

  22. Hey! I am most looking forward to the Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper Viva Glam collection! Lipstiiiicks! :) plus all the profits go to AIDS funds.
    My email is lucie.lovely.cupcake@gmail.com

  23. congrats on the 150 followers sweetie! :) and on the now 102 blogs as i enter this :)

    I think im most looking forward to the Mac Viva Glam collection because i have very limited lipsticks and the one's in that collection are s'pose to be amazing!!

    my email address is


  24. Congrats on 150 followers, amazing!! Lovely giveaway.

    I'm most looking forward to two things, the UD Alice in Wonderland Palette and also the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection. There's only really one nail polish in the collection that I'm after but I absolutely love it. I've ordered it recently and hoping to recieve it this week, before it's out in the UK!!

    My email address is hannah.mottershead@googlemail.com


  25. Congrats!! :)

    Im looking forward to the new mac collections and the alice in wonderland book of shadows! XO

  26. Congratulations hunny :)

    I can't wait for the MAC Viva Glam with Lady Gaga! The colours look amazzzzing!

    Please enter me, my email is beautybeau87@googlemail.com

    x x

  27. Im looking forward to harajuku summer line. Their outfits are gunna change again. Lols its a little sad but i want to see the designs lols.

    I reblogged


    Shan Shan xx

    Congrats on the followers

  28. Lovely prizes! Congratulations on the followers!

    I'm definitely looking forward to MAC's Give Me Liberty of London Collection because the packaging is divine! I don't usually get excited over MAC's collections but this one sure made me!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  29. great giveaway .. i am looking forward for OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection and urban decay alice in wonderland palette :)

    my email sarahali101@hotmail.com

  30. Congrats for your 150+ followers :p I personnaly look forward to the Stila pring collection for 2010.

    My email is completelycrazy@hotmail.fr

    have a nice day !

  31. Congrats on all of the followers! I am most looking forward to the China Glaze Up & Away collection! I know it's already out, but it hasn't hit my Sally's beauty supply yet! All of the colors are PERFECT.


    xo Caitlin

  32. Ohhh-la-la!

    Congrats on the 150 followers! I cannot wait until I get my 150 followers! I'll have to have my own and first giveaway!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the Dolly Wink collection! I'm so surprised that no one has thought about an eyelash case...until now! However, it's only available in Asia at the moment, but I hope to get my hands on some of the products soon!


    <33 Rena

  33. Hello!
    Congratulations on your 150 followers!
    I'm a follower ^^

    I can't wait to see MAC's Give me Liberty of London! =O So cute packagings *.*

    My email: aninhax[@]gmail[.]com

    Thank you for this opportunity!**

  34. hehehe,im looking forward to get my hands on the maybelline sensational lipsticks,i heard its good! rich creamy and smooth.


    :) btw nice blog ^^

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Congratz!

    I'm looking forward to China Glaze's Up & Away Nail polish collection!! =]


    I also blogged:

    Join my giveaway too?

  37. definitely saving up for the alice in wonderland book of shadows by urban decay ( but i have a feeling that by the time i have saved up it is all gone,lol)
    my e-mail add is chismaks@gmail.com

  38. Hi!

    I'm looking forward to Chanel Cassis nail polish. Hope I can get it. :)

    My email: pnxara@hotmail.com

  39. Im looking forward to the new mac collections and the alice in wonderland book of shadows!

    My email address is:tatyelly.thiago@gmail.com

  40. Enter Me.
    I'm looking forward to OPI nail polish! I love to collect nail polish colour as well ;D

  41. I'm looking forwardo to OPI Hong Kong collection! the colors are very beautiful, and I want to have all!

    My email address is: camilacgomes@gmail.com

  42. I'm most looking forward to more fashion from Alice Deco, currently a friend of mine from Tokyo will look into how to order =^~^=

    Also, the Jill Stuart Xmas 2009 Coffret. There's still some available and I want to buy since I love the style/packaging and have never tried such high end makeup!

  43. Hello!!!
    Congratulations on the 150 followers:)

    Every Mac collection makes me so espectating, I would be the happiest person if i could purchase all the collections.

    Thank you for this great oppurtunity!

    Email: just.me.scarllet@gmail.com

  44. I am a new follower!!!
    I am sorry I am not telling anything new, but the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette looks so amazaing!!!!! I am dying to put my hands on it!!! :)

    email address: fruityglitz@gmail.com

  45. I'm looking forward to Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows by UD. It sounds amazing!


  46. Hi!
    I'm looking forward to Alice in Wonderland palette!


    great giveaway :)

  47. Hii :) wonderful blog! Congratulations darling.

    I am a follower of your blog :) I use the name LouLou.
    Enter me please :)
    my mail is : loulou.in.la@gmail.com

    I am looking forward for the new Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, and also the new ''Mystic Gems'' nail polish collection from Risqué (its a brazilia brand very popular in Portgal too, where I live)

  48. Miss Selfridge Spring Collection..
    I Was Looking Forward To It.
    But Its Out Already!! =)


  49. im looking forward to the Mac give me liberty of london collection!

  50. Hey girl~ grats on all your followers. Guess what? you just gained +1 (:



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