REVIEW: LUSH 'Santa's Rice Porridge' Fresh Face Mask

I've been a total domestic goddess today...I've spent ALL day cleaning and tidying up from Christmas. And whilst on the subject, I hope you've all had a good Christmas this year! Mine was okay...but I'm one of those weird people that prefers the build up to the day. I've felt really lazy recently, and for some reason I felt like I had been updating my blog more than I had, but I've been a bit slack...sorry! So to get back into the swing of things, here is a MAJORLY delayed review of LUSH's 'Santa's Rice Porridge' face mask, which was part of the 2009 Christmas collection at LUSH.

So you all know my relationship with LUSH and you might remember that I am in love with their fresh face masks. It's one of the things I miss most. Thankfully I have enough black pots to provide me with free masks for years! But before I tell you what I think of this little creation, here's what LUSH say:
Fruity nutrition for your face, reviving tired, stressed skin on the run up to Christmas Day. Ground almonds gently exfoliate to remove dirt, cocoa butter is softening and fresh satsumas are blended in to gently tone the skin with fruit juices. The almond oil leaves skin silky soft and contains vitamin E for dry, rough skins. Look your best with a bowl of Santa's Rice Porridge. He won't mind,honestly.
As a reminder, my skin type is a weird mixture of being oily (T Zone), combination, dry, dehydrated and sensitive. I thought this mask would be the one for me because it sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately this didn't really work for me....gutted! And here's me telling you all that I love LUSH face masks and trust me I DO but this one was not for me. If any of you have tried a LUSH mask before, you'll know that they're not as smooth as other brands, ie, they are quite thick and don't spread evenly. Well, this doesn't bother me too much with the other masks, apart from Oatifix, the others apply well for me. This mask however- different story! It was so 'chunky' that it wouldn't stick to the face and bits fell off all the time. I ended up wasting quite a lot this way. As a result, I couldn't really use it to exfoliate with.

Not all bad though, it did leave my skin fairly soft, but no where near as nice as the other LUSH face masks. So to round this review off- okay mask, but I wouldn't buy it again, glad it's limited, and I'm not really bothered I wasn't in love with it because the other LUSH masks are amazing and I'm glad I can stick with them! If you do want to try this mask I think it's £6.45, but if you have 5 LUSH black pots you'll get it free. Be quick if you want to try this as it's a limited product!
Overall rating: 4/10



  1. hey ... i no what you mean about the build up, but i love christmas day too :)

    Anyway ... i went to lush the day after boxing day and got the Love lettuce mask as ive read your review and i had £5 to spend to make up the £20 offer thing! So i cant wait to try it :D


  2. Aww brilliant, I really hope you like it. It's love for me :). What did you get as your freebie?

  3. i got about 8/9 differnt items all for free ... :) it was BRILL ... im doin a Lush blog on it, maybe tonight or tomorrow :) xxx

  4. LUSH sales rule, looking forward to your post on it then sweet!


  5. OMG .... i used the Love lettuce face mask this evening! i LOVE it!!

    thanks for your fab review!

    Also ive mentioned you in my post



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